Oh What a Circus: Evita Medley, U.S. Politics Edition

As a teenager, I had something of an obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals.  I can’t quite claim to have attained an encyclopedic knowledge of them, but I do have an uncanny long-term memory, and I listened to recordings of his musicals a lot.  It was also during that time that the film version of Evita, [Read More…]

Vermin Supreme, Anarchy and the Election

Vox Nova is pleased to present the following guest post by Ben Johnson. The turbulence and division caused by the most recent presidential election reminds me that we are not immune to chaos. We are in an already shaken nation. No matter how safe we feel, destructive, chaotic events simply occur in nature and take [Read More…]

Bring Boring Back

If anything is widely agreed on in current U.S. politics, it is that Washington is dysfunctional. But a lack of reflection on what’s been feeding the dysfunction may be giving us the kind of purported solutions that really only exacerbate the problem. As near as I can tell, as I tried to puzzle it out in [Read More…]

Two Wrongs (or, why we don’t have to be Charlie to oppose violence)

In response to a question from a French journalist on the plane from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, Pope Francis said something that may sound shocking to those of us from liberal societies.  I’m using the word “liberal” here in a classical sense; that is, not merely in reference to the political left, but to the [Read More…]

A Riddle that Tickled my Funny Bone

Fr. William Grimm, a Maryknoll priest in Japan, framed an essay about Pope Francis with a riddle that set me laughing and that I have to share: Q:  What are the three things God does not know? A:  1) How wealthy are the Franciscans? 2) How many communities of religious sisters are there in the [Read More…]

Life Recapitulates Art

I am really not sure what to say, but I had to share this.  Almost 30 years ago, the comic strip Doonesbury featured a two week series about a single woman, Marcia, who decided that she was tired of looking for Mr. Right, and was going to celebrate her new freedom by holding a singularity [Read More…]

Soteriology Sensationalized

The pope has spoken – and people act like it’s never been said before. Pope Francis’ May 22 homily, in which he touched on the redemption of atheists, is still generating buzz.  This is due at least as much to a number of virally spreading misquotations as it is to what the Holy Father actually said.  Now, [Read More…]

A Double-Edged Defense of the Consistent Life Ethic

Kudos to Nick Neal, a board member for the Consistent Life network, for combating the nonsensical and utterly counterproductive notion that to defend life in one arena requires opposing it in another.  He previously did so in response to David Pakman’s hasty claims of correlation between maternal death rates and the outlawing of abortion, as well [Read More…]

The Quintessence of Modern Narcissism

Individualism has apparently reached its apex: North Dakota resident Nadine Schweigert has, in an actual ceremony, married herself.  And what makes this truly representative of a social phenomenon, on an international scale, is that this is not merely an isolated event but the latest of “a string of self-marriages” within the past decade. On one [Read More…]

The Politics of the Natural

I was recently talking with a friend (a nondenominational Protestant) who is planning her wedding.  When the conversation turned to her thoughts about having children, she identified herself, despite her very understandable worries about such a responsibility, as being “anti-birth-control”: she doesn’t want to put foreign chemicals into her body that might mess with her [Read More…]