Dogmatism at the Journal of Medical Ethics

The Journal of Medical Ethics has posted an article defending infanticide.  After the young authors received a lot of hate mail, the editor, Julian Savulescu, ran an editorial comment posted on the JME blog. Here’s an excerpt from the editorial: Many people will and have disagreed with these arguments. However, the goal of the Journal [Read More…]

Catechesis and theology

Catholic colleges and universities have dropped the ball when it comes to educating young Catholics in the faith. Here in Madrid, among hundreds of thousands of Catholic young people, a common story I hear is that they learned things on their own.  They’ve had to exert great effort to dig deep into the theological and [Read More…]

A President’s vision at Catholic University of America

John Garvey, former Dean of Boston College Law School, was installed as the new president of Catholic University of America (CUA) last week.  He delivered an inaugural address that in my mind captures a stunning vision of what CUA–and indeed, any Catholic university–can aspire to be. Full disclosure: John and I worked together in a [Read More…]

Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

Many of us are thankful tonight for the full, radical life of historian/activist Howard Zinn who passed away today from a heart attack. Check out the well-done obits from the AP and the Boston Globe. If there is anything recognizably good or hopeful in u.s. american history, Zinn pointed to it. Thank you, St. Howard! [Read more…]

Feminist theologian Mary Daly dies

Another theologian in Catholic circles passes away this week, this time the controversial feminist theologian Mary Daly who taught at Boston College for 33 years. I received the following message from Daly’s colleague Mary Hunt via a bulletin from Feminist Studies in Religion: With a heavy heart, yet grateful beyond words for her life and [Read More…]

Žižek on Job

This is the last of my videos of Žižek from the AAR. [youtube=] What do you think of his interpretation of Job? Is he following Chesterton properly? [Read more…]

More Zizek from the AAR

[youtube=] [Read more…]

Return from the AAR

I just returned from this year’s AAR Conference, and I am in the process of slowly unpacking and getting myself back to normal. It will be a few days before I get back into full gear and do some writing for Vox Nova. Nonetheless, I wanted to share some of my experience, and so I [Read More…]