How Should a Catholic Vote? Holding One’s Nose

Yesterday, in fear and trembling, I released a podcast telling Catholics how to vote. You can listen to it here: [Read more…]

Thinking Faith Podcast

Hi Vox Nova friends! I’m happy to announce that I now have a podcast with my friend and colleague Eric Gurash.  Eric and I work together for the Archdiocese of Regina.  One of the reasons I am not able to post here as often as I’d like is that my job takes a lot of [Read More…]

A Speculative Argument for a Gender Specific Priesthood

On January 1, on the Feast of Mary Mother of God, a guest priest at my parish took the opportunity to talk about the advance of women’s rights under Christianity, compared to many pagan and other worldviews (he dared mention Islam in this regard).  On the other hand, he noted, our own household is not [Read More…]

Is Pope Francis a Relativist?

In a second major interview, this time with a noted atheist Italian journalist, Pope Francis has made more waves.  Certain elements in the Church have started hunkering down assuming that this will be the Pope’s modus operandi for the foreseeable future.  They imagine several years of clarifying off–the-cuff papal statements given in uncontrolled fora that [Read More…]

NARAL Thanks Pope Francis: In Translation

Well, Pope Francis has confounded the media again.  One day after he was reported to have told Catholics not to talk about abortion, the Pope himself talked about abortion in what Lifesitenews rather ridiculously called his “strongest pro-life comments to date.”  But, as Mark Shea clearly sees, the only reason groups like Lifesite are forced [Read More…]

Homophobia and Fuzzy Thinking

This is a video making the rounds on my Facebook feed with the caption, “If every straight person honestly answered this question, we’d wipe out homophobia tomorrow.” [youtube=] Um, no.  We wouldn’t. The premise of the video is that if we can convince people that gay people are born gay, homophobia will disappear.  This is [Read More…]

Madeleine L’Engle and Robert Southwell: Two Poems for Christmas

The Risk of Birth This is no time for a child to be born, With the earth betrayed by war and hate And a comet slashing the sky to warn That time runs out and the sun burns late. That was no time for a child to be born, In a land in the crushing [Read More…]

Powers and Principalities: The Gun as Idol

I am increasingly convinced that idolatry is a category that Christianity needs to recover.  As long as it remains ignored, a central tenet of Christianity, that an essential aspect of Jesus’s work was to unmask the powers and principalities that order the logic of this world, remains opaque to us.  And as long as this [Read More…]

Christian Practices in a Consumer Culture

Two young fish, so the story goes, are swimming casually along, talking about whatever it is that young fish talk about.  Presently, they look up and notice an elderly fish approaching.  He has a mysterious twinkle in his eye as he passes them, going the opposite direction, and playfully shouts, “Hey boys!  How’s the water?” [Read More…]

Black Friday: An Offering for Mammon

Every god demands sacrifice.  The real God demands that you die to yourself so that you and others may live.  The gods demand that you feed what is worst in you so that you and others will die. Sacrifices are strange and paradoxical things.  Remember the last time that you were waiting for a friend [Read More…]