Good News, Everyone!

Vox Nova is pleased to present the following guest post by Ben Johnson. When I joined the Catholic Worker movement it was very easy to believe initially that my task was to aid people in finding the stability offered by the governmental and economic systems we currently have. Find a job. Get a car. Get [Read More…]

Happy Birthday, Catholic Worker Movement

Today is the International Day of the Worker, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and the 84th birthday of the Catholic Worker Movement. Two years ago at this time I’d barely heard of Catholic Worker. Today, I’m kind of a Catholic Worker groupie (there will probably be more on this in future posts). I [Read More…]

Vermin Supreme, Anarchy and the Election

Vox Nova is pleased to present the following guest post by Ben Johnson. The turbulence and division caused by the most recent presidential election reminds me that we are not immune to chaos. We are in an already shaken nation. No matter how safe we feel, destructive, chaotic events simply occur in nature and take [Read More…]

New books on religious anarchism(s)

I certainly understand the concern that my religio-political views — whether one uses the terms “Catholic anarchism,” “anarcho-Catholicism,” “participatory democratic Catholicism,” “libertarian socialist Catholicism,” etc. etc. — are “idiosyncratic.” I try to be patient with such charges, pointing when I can to persons, movements, and teachings in our Catholic tradition as well as among the [Read More…]

Dorothy Day interview videos

Thank you to the Vox Nova reader who notified us about two rare Dorothy Day interviews from the 1970s that he posted on YouTube. [Read more…]

Book Review: Living on Hope While Living in Babylon

Living on Hope While Living in Babylon: The Christian Anarchists of the 20th Century by Tripp York Wipf and Stock / $17.00 US (list) [Amazon] [Wipf and Stock] The publication of Tripp York’s Living on Hope While Living in Babylon marks a significant contribution to the recently re-emerging interest in the connection between Christianity and [Read More…]