To Resist or Rise Above?

I find myself in a disorienting dilemma. Everything about Donald Trump repels me – to the point that, quite frankly, I can’t even bring myself to legitimize his presidency by referring to him by the title, a feeling reinforced every time a bratty, self-absorbed tweet is reported as news.  During his improbable campaign, I vacillated [Read More…]

Practicing the Virtue of Hope

This will not be about voting. It is, however, about lying awake imagining all the possible quasi-apocalyptic outcomes and after-effects of the impending election.  I am truly hard-pressed to think of any realistically possible good outcome – of the election itself, of the probable backlash, or of the one or the other set of scandals and indiscretions that [Read More…]

How can I love my enemies if I don’t even know them?

It was Christmas Day. As always, I sat in the living room with my family members, who were ready to exchange gifts. This year, I folded my arms sheepishly. I’d spent my December buried in job applications, and then the week before Christmas (which is when I normally do my shopping) I’d caught the same [Read More…]

The ‘Culture War’ Trope in Catholic Discourse: Useful Construct or Dangerous Weapon?

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome the following guest post by reader Mike McG. The terms ‘culture war’ and ‘culture warrior’ name very real tensions in both secular and religious domains. And yet I wonder if these phrases deepen the very polarization they seek to describe. The terms came into common usage in the early 1990s with [Read More…]

Pope Francis and the Gang of Eight

A recent episode of Salt + Light Television’s Vatican Connections offers a refreshingly balanced and informative report on Pope Francis’ recent creation of an advisory panel consisting of eight cardinals from around the world to advise him on church governance and particularly curial reform. [youtube=!]   One easily overlooked point given mention here is that [Read More…]

Left, Right, and Catholic

My friend and mentor Ivan Kauffman has finally published this long-simmering and very timely article in America.  I encourage everyone (every Catholic in America, if I had my druthers) to read the whole thing; it’s right up there with Bishop Richard Pates’ article which I quoted extensively this past August.  Here’s a section that gets to [Read More…]

Just a Reminder

As we go to meet our Lord in the Eucharist this weekend – and hopefully also on election day – let us take the opportunity to be reminded and reoriented toward our foremost allegiance, our universal faith, our true hope for the world that unites us as one Body. At the end of a bitterly [Read More…]

Choose Wisely: An Election Year Anamnesis

Choose Wisely. This election year anamnesis comes to us via a “campaign” originated by Mennonite pastors encouraging congregations to celebrate communion on election day.  Of course, as Catholics, we already celebrate communion every day as our one great hope of unity, the place where our Lord really and sacramentally meets us, a living reality much bigger [Read More…]

What has happened to us?

  If there is one thing we can all agree on in the American political sphere, it’s that we are a divided nation.  Sure, our divisions grow more conspicuous going into an election year, but we all know they’ve been there well before the pre-election hype began to take over our national consciousness.  As soon as [Read More…]