The Aliens Are Us

I have sometimes heard it said – sometimes jokingly, usually half-jokingly – that only one thing could bring peace to our world: an attack by extraterrestrial forces. Only then, the argument goes, when faced with a threat to all of us, would we human beings at last put aside our differences and recognize our common [Read More…]

Consider the Mycelium: Networks Will Heal The Earth

Vox Nova is pleased to publish the following guest post from Rhonda Miska. This post was originally published at Daily Theology. “Consider the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.” This is just one of many analogies drawn from the natural world in the Gospels. Jesus opts for fig trees, mustard seeds, [Read More…]

The Case for Partial Veganism

It‘s amazing how seemingly chance events can shape us. This can happen at any age, but it is especially true when we are young. In 1995, at the age of 12, I saw a film that would change my life. Ironically, it wasn’t a very good movie. When I heard the premise – about a [Read More…]

Catholic Women on Not Using Birth Control

If I have been largely silent on the subject of contraception, it has been for two main reasons. Firstly, while I am comfortable with Catholic teaching on the matter, I tend to see it as a secondary issue.  Or to say it another way, I am personally uncomfortable with artificial birth control – much as I [Read More…]

Newman on the Mission of St. Benedict

John Henry Newman on the organic nature of renewal and reform affected by Benedictine monasticism of old. “When the bodily frame receives an injury, or is seized with some sudden malady, nature may be expected to set right the evil, if left to itself, but she requires time; science comes to shorten the process, and [Read More…]

The Politics of the Natural

I was recently talking with a friend (a nondenominational Protestant) who is planning her wedding.  When the conversation turned to her thoughts about having children, she identified herself, despite her very understandable worries about such a responsibility, as being “anti-birth-control”: she doesn’t want to put foreign chemicals into her body that might mess with her [Read More…]

Santorum is the one with the “phony theology”

A lot of people are piling on Rick Santorum for his inopportune comments about Obama’s supposed “phony theology”. But most of these critics are missing something fundamental. They assume, albeit implicitly, that Santorum is speaking from the perspective of orthodox Catholic theology, and then denounce him for seeking to impose his theological views on a secular state. But this misses [Read More…]

One Year Later

On this last day of 2011, I think it is worth going back to the beginning of the year and revisit Pope Benedict XVI’s message for the World Day of Peace:  If you Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation.   Here are a two relevant passages: In 1990 John Paul II had spoken of an “ecological [Read More…]