A Bomb Is Not a Mother

Pope Francis has a penchant for using maternal imagery in reference to the Church, and true to his gift for holding up the beauties of the Church’s tradition to let them speak for themselves, he does so in ways that transcend any pietistic stereotypes.  Recently, he used this type of language to turn the language of [Read More…]

Pro-Life Feminism in the Spotlight

Infanticide is on the increase to an extent inconceivable…. a recent Medical Convention [in rural Maine] unfolded a fearful condition of society in relation to this subject.  Dr. Oaks made the remark that, according to the best estimate he could make, there were four hundred murders annually produced by abortion in that county alone.  The [Read More…]

A thought on St. Maria Goretti and virginity

[Editorial note:  it is summer, and while I cannot speak for my fellow bloggers, I have been busy with other things–mostly my forthcoming move to Alabama.  So I have been remiss in posting and responding to comments.  I responded to several comments today—thanks to my readers for their patience.  I have been quite engaged by [Read More…]

Firing Teachers at a Catholic School

It seems to crop up in the news with regularity:  “Teacher fired from St. X Catholic school because….”  It could be because the teacher is openly gay, or has entered into a gay marriage, or had in vitro fertilization, or is an unmarried mother, or (in a particularly depressing case) was the victim of domestic [Read More…]

Catholic Women on Not Using Birth Control

If I have been largely silent on the subject of contraception, it has been for two main reasons. Firstly, while I am comfortable with Catholic teaching on the matter, I tend to see it as a secondary issue.  Or to say it another way, I am personally uncomfortable with artificial birth control – much as I [Read More…]

On Catholic Dress: Sexuality, Status, Modesty and True Humility

Back in February I had a post on modesty and dress, which I analyzed through the feminist lens of the “male gaze.”  This is a subject we have discussed regularly on Vox Nova (see here, here, here, and here).  I my last post there were a few interesting questions left open, in particular a suggestion [Read More…]

Femininism, Modesty and the Prostitutes of Calle Montera

Recently my colleague Kyle has posted a discussion of a video on the virtue of modesty.  I found it fascinating as a cultural artifact, since it assumes without question so many of the many tropes about modesty which dominate in discussions of this virtue by conservative Christians.  In particular, it frames modesty as a female [Read More…]

Enough Killing of Innocents: A Consitent Life Quote for LifeMatters

This weekend, the consistent life publication Life Matters Journal is hosting a “blogfest” in response to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s “AbortionMatters blog carnival”.  While clearly responding to a polemical position, this is not about perpetuating divides but attempting to bridge them: demonstrating that it is not only possible but indeed more consistent to be both pro-woman [Read More…]

Vocations to Women’s Religious Orders

A very interesting article and commentary has just appeared at America Magazine and I want to begin by thanking them for keeping me from making a fool of myself.  For a while I have been thinking about writing about the LCWR crisis, and my mind kept circling around the “fact” that orders associated with the [Read More…]

Criticizing Kim Kardashian

It all started at Trinity’s reunion weekend.  I was at a reception chatting with a student I had not seen in more than decade.  Somehow, in the course of the conversation, Kim Kardashian came up.  While I try to avoid reading anything about her and her family, I do not live under a rock and [Read More…]