We Want Our Dignity Back

A recent World Council of Churches delegation to Iraq reported on the complex feelings and wrenching dilemmas of Christians there.  They quoted one woman named Lubna Yusef, who I will let speak for herself here because her voice, unsettling as it is, deserves to be heard. “What did we do to deserve this? I hate traveling [Read More…]

The Value of a Microcephalic Life (beyond the fetal double-talk)

A recent NPR story on pre-natal detection of the effects of the Zika virus caught my attention a couple of weeks ago.  Although I was alerted by the foreboding reference to the mother’s loss in the teaser that appeared in my email inbox, the following two sentences still hit me in the gut: The woman decided to [Read More…]

A Prayer Against Human Trafficking

Today is the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita and the first International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, which Pope Francis observed following the traditional Sunday Angelus prayer.  We are all invited to join the observance with this moving prayer: O God, when we hear of children and adults deceived and taken to [Read More…]

The Moral Wounds the Torture Report Reveals

Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a redacted version of the 500+ page  executive summary (in PDF) of its mammoth report on the CIA’s use of torture in the decade after 9/11.  My colleagues Matt and Nathan have already responded to this report, but  I want to add my own reaction and sketch what [Read More…]

Blessed are the Peacemakers: The 25th SOA Watch Vigil Seeks Peace Through Justice

Vox Nova is pleased to present a guest post by Jeannine M. Pitas.  Her previous guest post on Oscar Romero can be found here. I stared out the bus window as the traffic inched forward and thick flakes of snow kept on falling. It was the third week of November – remember, that week when [Read More…]

Health Care and Language Access

That yesterday, November 15, marked the start of the open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace is a well-known fact at my current place of work, which may be about the only place in America where terms like “health insurance marketplace” or even “Obamacare” have little or no political connotations.  They may elicit groans, [Read More…]

Is Syria the New Iraq?

“All politicians take their decisions on the basis of national or political interest and explain them in terms of altruism.” –Abba Eban The ongoing crisis in Syria, especially in relation to the mounting speculations and now certainty of U.S. involvement, has been prompting a spate of comparisons to last decade’s debacle du jour in Iraq.  [Read More…]

Sick and Distorted Forms of Religion

Over the past two weeks, Pope Benedict XVI has made reference to the Second Vatican Council in various addresses and written documents..  A number of these were collected by Sandro Magister, the Italian Vaticanista, in his blog.    One of these caught my eye for the interesting turn of phrase quoted in the title of this [Read More…]