Oh What a Circus: Evita Medley, U.S. Politics Edition

As a teenager, I had something of an obsession with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals.  I can’t quite claim to have attained an encyclopedic knowledge of them, but I do have an uncanny long-term memory, and I listened to recordings of his musicals a lot.  It was also during that time that the film version of Evita, [Read More…]

I Can’t Resist

I’m sorry, but I really cannot resist posting this very Catholic joke today.  “If scripture will not cast out the Devil, use laughter.  For Satan cannot bear to be mocked.”  (Martin Luther)  A blessed Lent to everyone! Then the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery and made her [Read More…]

A Riddle that Tickled my Funny Bone

Fr. William Grimm, a Maryknoll priest in Japan, framed an essay about Pope Francis with a riddle that set me laughing and that I have to share: Q:  What are the three things God does not know? A:  1) How wealthy are the Franciscans? 2) How many communities of religious sisters are there in the [Read More…]

Dragon Ball Jesus

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post from Francisco Cruz-Uribe. There are a fair number of paintings that I have noticed recently while faffing about online. They all share a few common features; features similar to those displayed by characters on the show Dragon Ball. For those few lucky enough to have never [Read More…]

What A Ron Paul United States Would Look Like Via Conan O’Brien

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA7Uw60bnBc] Warning:  Language and Violence [Read more…]

If Vox Clara Translated Recipes

Hat tip to the choir director at my parish, who sent this around today. UPDATE:  This appears to have originated at Commonweal, though the author is anonymous. Traditional Christmas Cookie Recipe Serves: you and many. Cream these ingredients, that by their comingling you may begin to make the dough: 1 chalice butter, 2/3 chalice sugar. [Read More…]

Jesus and Tim Tebow on SNL

Hat tip to CathNewsUSA for the link to this really quite funny skit: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul2dhNaQgxM] None of this can be true, of course, since God is a Packer’s fan!   (Why do you think they call Wisconsin “God’s country”?) [Read more…]

Two Economic Skits From Not the Nine O’Clock News

  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzPJSuAQnbE]   [Read more…]

All Hail Our Reptilian Corporate Masters

In a previous era, the role of the Court Jester was to use humor to tell uncomfortable truths to the king. Courtesy of the Onion: 20,000 Sacrificed In Annual Blood Offering To Corporate America WILMINGTON, DE—The nation looked on in reverence Friday as 20,000 citizens were decapitated, dismembered, and burned alive in the name of [Read More…]

Portrayal of Priests on TV and Film

I write this post because I notice the same basic errors repeated over and over again on television and in the movies. One would think that a Catholic advisor would correct some basic problems, but they seem entrenched at this point. Here’s my list – maybe you can add to it: Priests are always walking [Read More…]