We Want Our Dignity Back

A recent World Council of Churches delegation to Iraq reported on the complex feelings and wrenching dilemmas of Christians there.  They quoted one woman named Lubna Yusef, who I will let speak for herself here because her voice, unsettling as it is, deserves to be heard. “What did we do to deserve this? I hate traveling [Read More…]

The Church, the State, and the Sanctity of Life

As I sat down to watch Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate, knowing that much has already been made of both candidates’ self-professed Christian faith, what I dreaded most was the possibility of the name of Jesus Christ being taken up as a political weapon on both sides. In fact, they almost made it through the debate without doing [Read More…]

Motherhood and Hard Cases

This Sunday (Mothers’ Day, coincidentally or not), a shocking juxtaposition appeared in my facebook feed, of the kind that somehow compels some response, even as I wonder how I can have the audacity to say anything at all.  I suppose it’s because violence always deeply disturbs me, despite, or maybe because of, being so often [Read More…]

Health Care and Language Access

That yesterday, November 15, marked the start of the open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace is a well-known fact at my current place of work, which may be about the only place in America where terms like “health insurance marketplace” or even “Obamacare” have little or no political connotations.  They may elicit groans, [Read More…]

Blogging (and Marching) for All Life

To mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this week, the blog of the USCCB (worth perusing in its own right) has featured guest posts by four Catholic women, myself included.  Lisa Hendey of Catholic Mom writes about the ways technology has informed our knowledge of prenatal life.  Mary DeTurris Poust of Not Strictly Spiritual relates what she [Read More…]

Partisan Ideology vs. the Common Good

Richard E. Pates, bishop of Des Moines, has an excellent essay in America on how the Catholic faith should supersede partisanship. The message is so sorely needed and well-articulated that it’s hard to keep from quoting the whole thing (if you are an American Catholic, whatever your political affiliation, read it!), but here are some not-to-be-missed highlights: Ross [Read More…]

Soberly Considering Abstention from Voting

Voting in any election is, so to speak, a matter of choosing “the lesser of two evils”, or as one Mennonite author put it four years ago, “preferring one fox over another”.  Especially when considering beyond one’s own demographic self-interest to the common good and concern for all the vulnerable, as all Christians should, there [Read More…]