This is not a long post.  This is not a critically reasoned post.  Rather, it is an attempt to explain, partly to myself, why I have decided participate in a bit of Facebook activism.  I don’t usually participate in the social actions that crop up on Facebook, and indeed at times I have been openly [Read More…]

On Being Mistaken for a Muslim

Twice, that I can remember, I have been mistaken for a Muslim.  It may have happened more often than that, but only twice did the person making the mistake call themselves to my attention.   The reason for this mistake is really quite simple:  in colder weather I wear a keffiyeh as a scarf.  I started [Read More…]

Two Wrongs (or, why we don’t have to be Charlie to oppose violence)

In response to a question from a French journalist on the plane from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, Pope Francis said something that may sound shocking to those of us from liberal societies.  I’m using the word “liberal” here in a classical sense; that is, not merely in reference to the political left, but to the [Read More…]

Religious Bigotry Has No Place in Politics

Catholics have learned a long time ago of the defects of religious stereotyping as a political tool. It is easy to call into question someone who is not an “approved” or “normal” religious tradition. Their views and beliefs are strange, and so, they must be seen as suspect. It is a kind of xenophobia, and [Read More…]

File Under: Excellent

It seems like Coptic Christians in Egypt got a great boost of moral support — from the local Muslim population. In what is an extraordinary gesture, the kind which is rare to find in a world of strife, thousands of Muslims went to Egyptian Churches for Christmas, offering themselves as “human shields” in order to [Read More…]