The Election of Bishops

Resolved:  the Church should move back towards the practice of the early Church, in which laity, clergy and other local bishops played a central role in the selection of new bishops. This question has been raised forcefully by Benedictine Abbott Peter von Sury of Mariastein, Switzerland.   This would not be a panacea, but I wonder [Read More…]

Resolved: The Church Should Ordain Women as Permanent Deacons

Resolved:  the Church should return to the practice of the patristic period and ordain women to the permanent diaconate. Please discuss. Before responding, you may want to read the interview with Phyllis Zagano at U.S. Catholic and her response to what she felt were the many factually incorrect comments posted to that article. Also, since [Read More…]

An Elephant in the Sacristy!: Is Apostolicae Curae still in force?

One of the most intractable issues in ecumenical dialogue is the question of the mutual recognition of apostolic ministry.  From an official Roman Catholic perspective, the Orthodox have valid ministry.  The ministries of some other, much smaller, groups, like the Old Catholics and the Society of St. Pius X, are generally considered valid as well.  [Read More…]

Dulles on appreciating the adversary’s point of view

In spite of the ideological cleft [in the american Church], it is possible for reasonable adherents of each side to appreciate their adversaries’ point of view. Few conservatives are so extreme that they deny all mutability in the tradition or question the possibility that the church might have something to learn from developments in secular [Read More…]