Good News, Everyone!

Vox Nova is pleased to present the following guest post by Ben Johnson. When I joined the Catholic Worker movement it was very easy to believe initially that my task was to aid people in finding the stability offered by the governmental and economic systems we currently have. Find a job. Get a car. Get [Read More…]

Blessed are the Poor

So do we give the homeless person begging for some spare change? Yes. Will that person use it to buy food? Maybe not. [Read more…]

A Unique Remedy for Under-Served Communities

ONE IDEA I’VE BEEN MEANING TO WRITE ABOUT is a proposal to provide banking services to under-served communities — typically poorer neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color — through the U.S. Postal Service. As a practical matter, the only financial services now available in those under-served communities are payday lenders and check cashing joints. For those [Read More…]

My People: The Gubbio Project

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Cathedral in San Francisco using water spray to keep homeless people from sleeping in the doorways of the Church at night.   The archdiocese took a lot of grief over this—in my opinion, well-deserved—and eventually turned them off. Now I have come across a story (H/T [Read More…]

Quote from Pope Francis

Pope Francis, speaking at the University of Manila in response to a 12 year old girl describing her life on the street: There are some realities that you can only see through eyes that have been cleansed by tears. I pray for the daily grace of such tears. Update:  further context for this remarkable quote [Read More…]

Romero’s Last Christmas Homily

On this night 35 years ago, Archbishop Oscar Romero presided over what would be his last celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord. In his homily, he preached a word of hope in a particularly tumultuous context to the faithful of El Salvador; yet the tumult of our own time, indeed of every [Read More…]

A Poor Church For the Poor

During his recent visit to South Korea, Pope Francis touched upon many familiar themes in his talks and homilies.  One in particular that he returned to was his desire that the Catholic Church be “a poor church for the poor,”  a vision he first expressed in the days immediately following his election.   It should not [Read More…]

On Catholic Dress: Sexuality, Status, Modesty and True Humility

Back in February I had a post on modesty and dress, which I analyzed through the feminist lens of the “male gaze.”  This is a subject we have discussed regularly on Vox Nova (see here, here, here, and here).  I my last post there were a few interesting questions left open, in particular a suggestion [Read More…]

Being Poor in the Third World

Nine years ago the science fiction writer John Scalzi published a blog post entitled Being Poor.    It became very popular and was reprinted in a number of venues.    It consisted of a series of short statements that attempt to encapsulate what being poor in America really means.  The list is long, but here [Read More…]