Quote of the Day: Pope Francis on Human Evil

A great quote from Pope Francis, with a hat tip to NCR: Faced with the tragic events of human history, we can feel crushed at times, asking ourselves, ‘Why?’ Humanity’s evil can appear in the world like an abyss, a great void: empty of love, empty of goodness, empty of life. And so we ask: [Read More…]

Enough Killing of Innocents: A Consitent Life Quote for LifeMatters

This weekend, the consistent life publication Life Matters Journal is hosting a “blogfest” in response to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s “AbortionMatters blog carnival”.  While clearly responding to a polemical position, this is not about perpetuating divides but attempting to bridge them: demonstrating that it is not only possible but indeed more consistent to be both pro-woman [Read More…]

Quote of the Day – William Jennings Bryan

From the famous “cross of gold” speech of 1896, which resonates strongly today: “When you come before us and tell us that we shall disturb your business interests, we reply that you have disturbed our business interests by your action. We say to you that you have made too limited in its application the definition [Read More…]

Quote of the Day – President Michael D. Higgins

From the outstanding inaugural speech by the newly-elected president of Ireland: “To close the chapter on that which has failed, that which was not the best version of ourselves as a people, and open a new chapter based on a different version of our Irishness – will require a transition in our political thinking, in [Read More…]

Quote of the Week: Ivan Kireevsky

Theological studies are neither possible nor necessary for everyone; the study of philosophy is not accessible to everyone. Constant and special exercise in that inner attention that cleanses and gathers the mind towards its higher unity is also not possible for everyone. It is possible and necessary, however, for everyone to bind the direction of [Read More…]

Quotes of the Week: Vladimir Solovyov

In order to save the world which ‘lieth in the evil one,’ Christianity must mingle with the world; but in order that the human representatives of the divine fact, the earthly guardians and instruments of transcendent truth and absolute holiness, may not compromise their sacred dignity in the practical struggle against evil, nor forget heaven [Read More…]

Quote of the Week: Aleksei Khomiakov

Our words, if I dare say so, are not the light of Christ, but His shadow on earth. Blessed are those who, contemplating this shadow on the fields of Judaea, could divine the heavenly light of Tabor. This light shines constantly for the Church. But it is revealed only through the shadows of matter, for [Read More…]

The Limits of Justice

In his magisterial work The Four Cardinal Virtues, Josef Pieper concludes his reflection on Justice with a section on “The Limits of Justice.”  Here are the last two paragraphs: Communal life will necessarily become inhuman if man’s dues to man are determined by pure calculation.  That the just man give to another what is not [Read More…]

Quote of the Week: Bernard Lonergan S.J.

There is bound to be formed a solid right that is determined to live in a world that no longer exists.  There is bound to be formed a scattered left captivated by now this, now that development, exploring now this and now that new possibility.  But what will count is a perhaps not numerous center, [Read More…]

Who said it? Corapi or Dick?

Here’s a quiz to see how well you know the Blacksheep Dog, John Corapi, and how well you know the sci-fi author, Philip K. Dick. This is a simple quiz. Read a quote, and figure out who said it. Was it Corapi? Or was it Dick? [Read more…]