Authority and Irrelevance

From the conclusion of Souls and Bodies:  The Birth Control Controversy and the Collapse of Confession by Leslie Woodcock Tentler (in Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity, Lacey and Oakley, eds. 2011): Authority, however, can be undermined in multiple ways.  Refusing to engage in honest dialogue, keeping silent when social developments cry out for a [Read More…]

Did Paul Gomille Deserve a Suspension for This?

Canadian high school student Paul Gomille has recently found himself at the centre of controversy.  Gomille wrote a Valentine’s Day letter to the young women of his Catholic high school in Ajax Ontario that ended up netting him a two day suspension.  Here is the text.  (The bold letters were not bolded by Gomille, but [Read More…]

A Compromise I’d Take

Perhaps insurance provided by Catholic institutions could cover instruction in Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness? This way the insurance companies get their savings on pregnancy, the administration gets to tell their constituency that everyone has access to family planning, and the Bishops get to teach the Catholic faith in word and deed. Deal? Brett Salkeld is [Read More…]

A Study Of “On The Character of Men And the Virtuous Life”: Part XL

Introduction and Part II If a person is forced to swim across a turbulent body of water, they must do so in all sobriety, with as much attention as possible; if they are drunk, the water will take them under and they will die.[1] “In the same way the soul, finding herself dragged down by [Read More…]

Human Trafficking and Love146

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, let us not forget that evil continues to walk abroad, and that its aim is the total annihilation of all that is good, beautiful, and true. The sexual abuse of children has come once again into the forefront of the public imagination. And every day, [Read More…]

How Far Can We Go? A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating released in US, authors interviewed

In 2009, a book I co-authored with my friend Leah Perrault was published by Novalis, the Canadian Catholic publisher.  Because of the age we live in, the book has been available to the American market from the beginning.  Nevertheless, Novalis does not have the marketing or distribution wherewithal to make a major entry into the [Read More…]

The Most Normal Thing I Have Seen in a Long Time

You know the old joke about the masturbation study:  99% do; 1% lie? Apparently that study was done on contemporary North American university students: WEIRD masturbation habits. Brett Salkeld is a doctoral student in theology at Regis College in Toronto. He is a father of two (so far) and husband of one. He is the [Read More…]

Crazy Stupid Love: Quote of the Summer Movie Season

“The war between the sexes is over. We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise.”  Jacob (Ryan Gosling) A Pyrrhic victory if ever there was one. [Read more…]

Friends With Benefits and Robert Barron on the Theology of the Body

Please be warned that the first video is not suitable for all audiences. [youtube=] [Read more…]

Is “Sexual Compatibility” a Myth? Some Thoughts on Cohabitation

I recently returned from Twickenham, England, the home of Catholic satirist Alexander Pope, where I gave a workshop titled “How Far Can We Go?  Talking to Young People about Physical Intimacy,” at the 3rd International Theology of the Body Symposium.  It was a very fruitful experience.  Apart from making all kinds of interesting connections with other [Read More…]