Sports and sexual abuse

Given the painful experience with sexual abuse in the Church over the past decade or two, Catholics are all-too-familiar with the tendency of powerful cliques to close ranks in the face of allegations of impropriety. Thankfully, I believe things are dramatically better today, even if bishops are still not being held accountable. But we see [Read More…]

A Football Game In Hell

If one wants to understand what is wrong with the United States, there are many places we can go. We can look at the lack of social cohesion which makes people work for the common good. We can look at the fast-paced consumerism which embraces a quick buy and trash mentality, so that the nation [Read More…]


So . . .  who do you think is going to win the Big Game today? Is everyone huddling around their televisions to watch or are you planning on bowing out?   [Read more…]

Why Do We Grant Sports Stars So Much Privilege In Our Society?

Those who know me well know how much I dislike the way we glorify sports and sports stars in our society. I am not saying that no one should be playing sports, nor that all sports should be unprofessional (although, I wouldn’t complain if that change took place). What I dislike is how sports figures [Read More…]

Israel in the Spotlight

Deal Hudson on InsideCatholic once again wrote a good piece on Israel entitled, Remember the Palestinians. He relates in it how his trips to Israel has led him to change his opinion on the situation in the Holy Land: Even visitors have their stories — not about death but about their encounters with Palestinians and [Read More…]

What Isn’t Wrong With This Picture?

[youtube=] So, at some point in here there is a criticism of oversexualized beer commericals.  I believe that’s about it. I can’t believe what passes for journalism. Brett Salkeld is a doctoral student in theology at Regis College in Toronto.  He is a father of two (so far) and husband of one. [Read more…]

Prayer and Football or, “Did God Cost the Saskatchewan Roughriders the 2009 Grey Cup?”

Yesterday my hometown team lost the championship game in the Canadian Football League in the most heart-wrenching way possible.  Overwhelming underdogs going into the game (the opposing Montreal Alouettes had finished the season 15-3, but could easily have been 17-1, had they not rested their all-star quarterback for one game and lost another on a [Read More…]

On Baseball

Today is (more or less) opening day for the greatest of sports, baseball. A game of strategy, teamwork, skill, and many possibilities to showcase individual stamina and accomplishment, baseball is also, perhaps, the most family friendly and social of games. Playing catch with dad is often a rite of passage into both boyhood and manhood, [Read More…]

Man’s Greatest Fear

The fear is that while walking along and enjoying the day, a ball from one of these groups will inadvertently roll your way. Everyone on the team has his eye on that ball, which is now at your feet. You must pick up the ball and return it to the team in a manner fitting [Read More…]

Shooting for Love

The scene is a familiar one now at the Olympic shooting hall: Matt Emmons and Katerina Emmons, hugging and smooching after yet another medal. Matt took center stage Friday, winning the silver in the 50-meter prone rifle. That makes three medals in all this year for the husband and wife – Katy won gold and [Read More…]