On hiatus

Dear readers, This has been a long time coming, but after much reflection I have decided to take an extended and perhaps permanent hiatus from blogging here at Vox Nova. As one of the blog’s founding members, it is difficult to step away from the project, especially after working with such great co-contributors over the [Read More…]

A Quick Thank You And Reminder

Vox Nova is currently looking for new members to work with us. We have had several submissions already, and we want to thank everyone who has applied. It will take some time to decide who to add as a contributor to our blog, and for those who have applied, we ask for your patience. Do [Read More…]

Pro-Life Hypocrisy? Not This Time

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial described the groups advocating for or against the ad, it described them as anti-abortion and pro-choice, respectively.  Now, I have no problem being described as anti-abortion, but the skew here is obvious.  I have long believed that the discussion around abortion would [Read More…]

u.s. troops drag 8 children from their beds in the middle of the night and kill them

“I (perhaps foolishly) like to believe that we don’t deliberately target non-combatants during warfare.” – Vox Nova reader, January 4, 2010. 1) Read this. I can provide more examples should you need them. 2) Re-evaluate. [Read more…]

All I want for Christmas

“Charity” is a word thrown around in the Catholic blogosphere. And it’s thrown around a LOT. Yet even during Advent, Catholic bloggers can’t seem to fathom the possibility of being authentically charitable. I don’t typically refer to this particular blog in my posts, as it’s usually too easy a target what with its nationalistic and [Read More…]

Cavanaugh on the “already” and “not yet” of the Kingdom

Here at Vox Nova a recurring theme is the relationship of the “already” and “not yet” dimensions of the Reign of God. (One such installment in the ongoing discussion is here.) I recently rediscovered a great interview with University of St. Thomas theologian William T. Cavanaugh which states the relationship quite clearly, and with reference [Read More…]

An apology from Vox Nova and a new comment policy

If you are a regular reader of Vox Nova, you no doubt have noticed some changes around here over the last couple of months. First, we have added a group of new contributors. We could not be happier with these additions and look forward to their insightful posts. Thanks for the generally warm welcome that [Read More…]

Welcome to another new contributor

Vox Nova welcomes another new contributor to the fold, Brett Salkeld. Brett hails from Saskatchewan and is currently a doctoral student in systematic theology at Regis College at the Toronto School of Theology. His interests include ecumenism, sacramental theology, and sexual ethics. And — get this — his master’s thesis (which is set to be [Read More…]

Introducing our Newest Contributors

In the coming days, there will be several changes at Vox Nova.  First among them is the addition of two exceptional bloggers, Joe Hargrave and Sam Rocha. Joe comes to us from the “American Catholic” blog, and he is a writer for Inside Catholic (you can read his newest piece here).  Joe earned a MA [Read More…]