A Bomb Is Not a Mother

Pope Francis has a penchant for using maternal imagery in reference to the Church, and true to his gift for holding up the beauties of the Church’s tradition to let them speak for themselves, he does so in ways that transcend any pietistic stereotypes.  Recently, he used this type of language to turn the language of [Read More…]

Remembering Which Sacrifice?

It’s an easy temptation, wherever the false doctrine of exceptionalism is rife, to treat national holidays as liturgical ones, especially when they happen to occur in proximity.  So let us be reminded: today, the universal Church celebrates the feast of the body and blood of Christ.  Not anything else. The universality of the Church’s feasts, [Read More…]

Enough Killing of Innocents: A Consitent Life Quote for LifeMatters

This weekend, the consistent life publication Life Matters Journal is hosting a “blogfest” in response to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s “AbortionMatters blog carnival”.  While clearly responding to a polemical position, this is not about perpetuating divides but attempting to bridge them: demonstrating that it is not only possible but indeed more consistent to be both pro-woman [Read More…]

A Double-Edged Defense of the Consistent Life Ethic

Kudos to Nick Neal, a board member for the Consistent Life network, for combating the nonsensical and utterly counterproductive notion that to defend life in one arena requires opposing it in another.  He previously did so in response to David Pakman’s hasty claims of correlation between maternal death rates and the outlawing of abortion, as well [Read More…]

Franciscan University – Profiles in Courage!

Franciscan University of Steubenville is in the news this week for all the wrong reasons, a perfect emblem of the depravity of latter-day American neoconservative Catholicism. [Read more…]

Race, Abortion and the Military: A Tragic Parallel

As explosive a combination of topics as this appears to be, I am aiming here to address a problem on the systemic level in a way that can hopefully cut through the usual polemics.  The particular problem I am referring to is the disproportionate representation of racial minorities in both abortion rates and military recruitment in the [Read More…]

The Armaments Factory Worker – A Poem by Karol Wojtyla

I cannot influence the fate of the globe. Do I start wars?  How can I know whether I’m for or against? No, I don’t sin. I only turn screws, weld together parts of destruction, never grasping the whole, or the human lot.   I could do otherwise (would parts be left out?) contributing then to [Read More…]

The Path of Life

It is well known that Christianity has had a long history in advocating the dignity of the human person. In the Didache, for example, we can read early pronouncements against abortion. But it speaks about more than abortion. It says that there are two paths, the way of death and the way of life, and [Read More…]