A Bomb Is Not a Mother

Pope Francis has a penchant for using maternal imagery in reference to the Church, and true to his gift for holding up the beauties of the Church’s tradition to let them speak for themselves, he does so in ways that transcend any pietistic stereotypes.  Recently, he used this type of language to turn the language of [Read More…]

The Real Threat to Reproductive Health

As the congressional battle lines over health care are drawn yet again, Republicans have been awkwardly coming to grips with the second half of their “repeal and replace” mantra.  Especially to the most right-liberal wing of the GOP, any replacement of Obamacare will look too much like it, simply by being a health care bill.  This [Read More…]

Pro-Life Feminism in the Spotlight

Infanticide is on the increase to an extent inconceivable…. a recent Medical Convention [in rural Maine] unfolded a fearful condition of society in relation to this subject.  Dr. Oaks made the remark that, according to the best estimate he could make, there were four hundred murders annually produced by abortion in that county alone.  The [Read More…]

Book Review: Catholic Women Break Their Silence

Catholic Women Speak: Bringing Our Gifts to the Table Catholic Women Speak Network New York: Paulist Press, 2015 At this moment Church leaders are gathering in Rome for the Fourteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will take place from October 4-25, 2015. Building on the themes of last year’s meeting, this [Read More…]

The Gender Drama

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by T. Renee Kozinski.  She  has her Masters in the Liberal Arts from the Graduate Institute of St. John’s College, Annapolis, and is a teacher, poet, and artist. She is an online tutor with Great Books Discussions. A recently published article by Benedict Constable at OnePeter5 [Read More…]

Motherhood and Hard Cases

This Sunday (Mothers’ Day, coincidentally or not), a shocking juxtaposition appeared in my facebook feed, of the kind that somehow compels some response, even as I wonder how I can have the audacity to say anything at all.  I suppose it’s because violence always deeply disturbs me, despite, or maybe because of, being so often [Read More…]

Catholic Women on Not Using Birth Control

If I have been largely silent on the subject of contraception, it has been for two main reasons. Firstly, while I am comfortable with Catholic teaching on the matter, I tend to see it as a secondary issue.  Or to say it another way, I am personally uncomfortable with artificial birth control – much as I [Read More…]

Is it Theology, Misogyny or Power?

Two weeks ago the subject of women’s ordination to the priesthood was briefly in the news again.  Father Wojciech Giertych, a Dominican and theologian of the papal household to Pope Benedict XVI, gave an interview in which he discussed the theological objections to ordaining women to the priesthood.  The interview was summarized in print and [Read More…]

Vocations to Women’s Religious Orders

A very interesting article and commentary has just appeared at America Magazine and I want to begin by thanking them for keeping me from making a fool of myself.  For a while I have been thinking about writing about the LCWR crisis, and my mind kept circling around the “fact” that orders associated with the [Read More…]

A Fresh Look at Eucharistic Adoration

Although distinctly Catholic (or perhaps because of this), Eucharistic adoration can be a rather controversial practice among postconciliar Catholics.  As a professor of mine has observed, many assertions are made about why it is done, often without asking anyone who does it.  This professor, Dr. Kimberly Belcher, is seeking to fill this gap with her current [Read More…]