A question on divorce and excommunication

Updated 01/17/2015 I have a quick question on divorce and excommunication:  was it ever the case in the United States that Catholics who obtained a civil divorce were excommunicated?  I am not talking about barring from communion those who are divorced and then remarry outside the Church.  Rather, was the act of getting a civil [Read More…]

On Divorce: Ratzinger Then and Benedict Now

It seems that Pope Emeritus Benedict has changed his mind, and wants to make it  known that he is repudiating an argument he made forty years ago.   Six years ago the Pope asked Gerhard Mueller, then Bishop of Regensberg, to oversee the publication of his collected theological works.  Benedict was  a prolific theologian, and his [Read More…]

Two Perspectives on Two Vexing Questions

I think it would be fair to say that two vexatious questions for the Catholic Church today (or at least the Catholic Church in the West) are contraception and divorce and remarriage.  They are not the most important issues facing the Church:  both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are correct that the central problem for [Read More…]

Reforming the Annulment Process

Resolved:  The canonical annulment process should be scrapped and the Catholic response to divorce should be reformed following the model of the Orthodox Churches. Fr. Peter Daly, a pastor in the DC area and a columnist for NCR, argues this point in a very powerful blog post.    He is approaching it from a pastoral, not [Read More…]