To Resist or Rise Above?

I find myself in a disorienting dilemma. Everything about Donald Trump repels me – to the point that, quite frankly, I can’t even bring myself to legitimize his presidency by referring to him by the title, a feeling reinforced every time a bratty, self-absorbed tweet is reported as news.  During his improbable campaign, I vacillated [Read More…]


This is not a long post.  This is not a critically reasoned post.  Rather, it is an attempt to explain, partly to myself, why I have decided participate in a bit of Facebook activism.  I don’t usually participate in the social actions that crop up on Facebook, and indeed at times I have been openly [Read More…]

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

And I feel far from fine. After this first week of the Trump era, I am left without words. I’ll be back in touch when I find them again. For now, I have three things for you. The first is a quotation from the gospel of Matthew: ¨I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.¨ [Read More…]

Why I Am No Longer a Single-Issue Voter for the Pro-Life Cause

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by James McGehee. I grew up Catholic and Republican. I am now Catholic and politically independent. In my first three presidential elections, I voted for George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. This November will be different. I will not cast my vote for the [Read More…]

A response to my post on Trump

Many months ago, almost but not quite getting ahead of the curve, I had a post in which I argued that Catholics should not vote for Trump.  After comments closed, I received an email from R.S. who wanted to comment on it, but found the comments closed.  As I am still trying to find my [Read More…]

Catholics Should Oppose Donald Trump

Resolved:  No Catholic, in good conscience, can or should support Donald Trump for president. I started this post last week—I wish I had posted it then since I would have been ahead of the curve! My reasoning in support of this resolution goes like this:  Catholics are called to support the common good.  This must [Read More…]

On Being Mistaken for a Muslim

Twice, that I can remember, I have been mistaken for a Muslim.  It may have happened more often than that, but only twice did the person making the mistake call themselves to my attention.   The reason for this mistake is really quite simple:  in colder weather I wear a keffiyeh as a scarf.  I started [Read More…]