TF31: Thinking About The Resurrection

Hello readers (and listeners), After my promise to post this podcast weekly, I had an insanely busy week and then we moved.  I apologize for my negligence.  Today I got my act together (after some gentle prompting) and with my new username and password managed to get this up for you.  It’s our podcast from [Read More…]

We are the body of the risen Christ

During last week’s Masses we heard the story of the apostle Thomas, whom we might recall as an early religious skeptic. When the other apostles joyfully inform him that they have seen the risen Jesus, he shakes his head, obstinately affirming that until he can touch Jesus’ wounds, he will not believe. When Jesus reappears, [Read More…]

When We Crucify Our Lord

Two years ago the community choir I sing with in Toronto put on a concert devoted entirely to music by African-American and African-Canadian choral composers. We performed a lot of great music in that concert, much of it drawing on the tradition of African-American spirituals. For me, the most powerful piece was “Crucifixion” by Adolphus [Read More…]

Reading Advent in Lent

It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I am way behind in my daily readings.  As I have mentioned in the past, I get an email from Daily Gospel Online that contains the daily mass readings and a short reflection tied to them.  A number of times I have posted  these reflections here.  The [Read More…]