TF31: Thinking About The Resurrection

Hello readers (and listeners), After my promise to post this podcast weekly, I had an insanely busy week and then we moved.  I apologize for my negligence.  Today I got my act together (after some gentle prompting) and with my new username and password managed to get this up for you.  It’s our podcast from [Read More…]

Is there an American Consensus?

For some time now the level of political conversation possible in the public square of this country has been laughable. We seem to be incapable of actually discussing the issues at a rational level. Political elections are no longer won by argument and truth but by spending the most money in the right ways. This [Read More…]

“Descended to the dead” or “Descended into Hell”

One of the more arresting changes to the liturgy has been the introduction of “He descended into hell” into the creed.  We can go for a long time without hearing the word “hell” in Church and, now that we hear it every week, some of us can feel a little uncomfortable.  Not only that, but [Read More…]