No Ham During Lent?

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome a guest post by Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF, a Franciscan sister from North Dakota.  She regularly blogs for her community at  Our Franciscan Fiat.   As Catholics, we’re all familiar with meatless Fridays this time of year, but have you ever heard the rule about “no ham during [Read More…]

When We Crucify Our Lord

Two years ago the community choir I sing with in Toronto put on a concert devoted entirely to music by African-American and African-Canadian choral composers. We performed a lot of great music in that concert, much of it drawing on the tradition of African-American spirituals. For me, the most powerful piece was “Crucifixion” by Adolphus [Read More…]

Companions on the Journey: Eid, Pray, Love

Over the past month and a half, Christians all over the world have been on a pilgrimage. Lent is a time of prayer and contemplation, fasting and charity, a time of striving to grow in our faith and closeness to Christ. I only just now learned that as we’ve been on this journey, we’ve been accompanied by [Read More…]

Turn Away from Sin …

On Wednesday, March 5th, the Church began a period of intense prayer, fasting and of giving alms to the poor. Lent. At Eucharistic services on that day, the faithful received the sign of the Cross on their foreheads with ashes. After the homily, the priest was to say: “Dear friends in Christ, let us ask our [Read More…]

Born-Again During Lent

Here in the buckle of the Bible belt, I hear a lot about born-again experiences. Around this time, some eighteen years ago, I had one of those experiences. I was born and raised in a Catholic family. I had two amazing and faithful Catholic parents who loved their faith. They practiced what they preached in love and charity. All through my own life, I have had faith (even if, at [Read More…]