On Receiving the Works of Mercy in the Southernmost Capitals of the Americas

I smiled with excitement as the plane landed on the runway and taxied toward the gate. It was March break (which as a teacher I anticipate just as eagerly as my students do), and I was looking forward to ten days in two cities I love: Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was to present at [Read More…]

Pope Francis, Abortion and Empathy

It has only been two days since the international news media broke the story that, during the upcoming Jubilee Year, Pope Francis will grant Catholic priests permission to forgive women who have had abortions and physicians who have carried them out. This news is already making many waves throughout the Church and beyond. Pro-choice Catholics and the [Read More…]

Sage advice from the confessional

I hope I’m not violating the Seal of the Confessional by posting this. My understanding is that the Seal applies only to priests, and I think the advice that I received today after making my confession is worth sharing, but if I’m breaking some rule, let me know. In addition, I apologize if this post [Read More…]