TF44: Thinking About NFP – Part 2

This week on ‘Thinking Faith!’, Eric and Brett continue their discussion of Natural Family Planning looking more closely at what NFP actually involves, the kinds of healthy conversations that it encourages couples to have in their relationship and we’ll look at the potential NFP has for providing a surprising avenue of spiritual growth for couples [Read More…]

TF43: Thinking About NFP – Part 1

This week Eric and Brett begin a two-part series on Natural Family Planning. It’s a topic that can result in interesting and animated conversations with family and friends and in parish groups. In the next two episodes, we’ll make some distinctions and clarifications around what NFP is and isn’t as well as our general attitudes [Read More…]

Two Perspectives on Two Vexing Questions

I think it would be fair to say that two vexatious questions for the Catholic Church today (or at least the Catholic Church in the West) are contraception and divorce and remarriage.  They are not the most important issues facing the Church:  both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are correct that the central problem for [Read More…]

Does the End Justify the Means? A Quote from “How Far Can We Go?” for Natural Family Planning Awareness Week

In support of the USCCB’s National NFP Awareness Week, I’d like to share this excerpt from a book I co-authored with my dear friend and colleague Leah Perrault titled How Far Can We Go?  A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating. For many people, the Church’s distinction between the moral status of NFP and that [Read More…]

The Politics of the Natural

I was recently talking with a friend (a nondenominational Protestant) who is planning her wedding.  When the conversation turned to her thoughts about having children, she identified herself, despite her very understandable worries about such a responsibility, as being “anti-birth-control”: she doesn’t want to put foreign chemicals into her body that might mess with her [Read More…]