The Real Threat to Reproductive Health

As the congressional battle lines over health care are drawn yet again, Republicans have been awkwardly coming to grips with the second half of their “repeal and replace” mantra.  Especially to the most right-liberal wing of the GOP, any replacement of Obamacare will look too much like it, simply by being a health care bill.  This [Read More…]

Health Care and Language Access

That yesterday, November 15, marked the start of the open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace is a well-known fact at my current place of work, which may be about the only place in America where terms like “health insurance marketplace” or even “Obamacare” have little or no political connotations.  They may elicit groans, [Read More…]

Final HHS Rules on Birth Control

(Updated 6/28/2013, 2:45 EDT) Health and Human Services today released the new rules on the birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act.  A good summary was provided by the New York Times: Under the rule issued on Friday, the government said that certain “religious employers” — primarily houses of worship — may exclude contraceptive [Read More…]

Questions for Conservatives: the ACA

In light of Indiana’s continued attempt to ban funding to Planned Parenthood for women’s health services under Medicaid, I found this blog post by Christine Scheller of UrbanFaith very timely.  Here is a precis of her questions: What is it, I wonder, about my free-market loving friends that makes them willing to suggest, even by [Read More…]

Bishop Morlino and the Contraception Mandate

It would seem that Bishop Morlino does not view providing insurance coverage for contraception as having crossed a line in the sand.  As reported in the Wisconsin State Journal and the Diocesan newspaper, in 2010 Wisconsin introduced a contraception mandate that did not include a religious conscience exemption.   The only way to avoid it was [Read More…]