Some Thoughts on Vatican II, Part 1

This is not a post on the documents or formal results of the Council, but more on how things changed in a day-to-day way in the wake of it. I asked my mother (aged 83) once about what she remembered about the pre-Vatican II Church, and she said, “I remember going up to Father before [Read More…]

Interview: Geeky convert Leah Libresco teaches me to pray

In June 2012, the blogosphere was rattled when Leah Libresco, a prominent atheist blogger known for her insatiable curiosity and staunch commitment to truth, announced that she had converted to Catholicism. A professional statistician and ardent lover of mathematics, Libresco arrived at faith through the use of reason. Beginning with the premise that morality is [Read More…]

“I Was Hungry”

ON Wednesday Evenings, I feed the homeless of Berkeley at a Lutheran Church near the Cal campus. I started doing this about a year and a half ago when a friend of mine, who was then just back into Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and sobriety after many years out, recommended the experience. Doing this has changed [Read More…]