Some Thoughts on Vatican II, Part 1

This is not a post on the documents or formal results of the Council, but more on how things changed in a day-to-day way in the wake of it. I asked my mother (aged 83) once about what she remembered about the pre-Vatican II Church, and she said, “I remember going up to Father before [Read More…]

Sick and Distorted Forms of Religion

Over the past two weeks, Pope Benedict XVI has made reference to the Second Vatican Council in various addresses and written documents..  A number of these were collected by Sandro Magister, the Italian Vaticanista, in his blog.    One of these caught my eye for the interesting turn of phrase quoted in the title of this [Read More…]

Authority and Irrelevance

From the conclusion of Souls and Bodies:  The Birth Control Controversy and the Collapse of Confession by Leslie Woodcock Tentler (in Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity, Lacey and Oakley, eds. 2011): Authority, however, can be undermined in multiple ways.  Refusing to engage in honest dialogue, keeping silent when social developments cry out for a [Read More…]