There’s a feral cat living in my house.

You find what you look for: good or evil, problems or solutions. ~John Marks Templeton  I start most days at 6am stretching out my achy runner’s body. I then pour myself a cup of coffee and for 15 or 20 minutes do some spiritual reading on the sun porch. I’m currently re-reading John M. Templeton’s Worldwide [Read More...]

Meet Roger, the coolest panhandler in NYC.

There’s a dude I pass most days on the way to my office in New York City. He’s always in the same spot, standing curbside by a dark green mailbox, on 40th Street between Madison and Fifth. His name is Roger. (That’s his picture you see here.) He dresses like a long lost member of Parliament-Funkadelic. [Read More...]

What the Three Stooges reminded me about life.

Larry: “I can’t see! I can’t see!” Moe: “What’s the matter?” Larry: “I got my eyes closed!” ~The Three Stooges I was recently reminded of this skit by the Three Stooges, and it got me thinking: How often do we—myself included—go about our own daily lives with blinders on, oblivious to what’s happening all around [Read More...]

Raising your spiritual consciousness.

“God is a current that runs through and between all things. The Divine Source resides in everything and everything resides in the Divine Source”. ~Annie Burnside If you’re like me, you’re probably convinced that there’s a divine power in the universe. Whether you call it God or Krishna, Divine Wisdom or Infinite Intelligence, you know [Read More...]

Think and Grow Rich–with sex?

Successful people tend to be highly sexed. ~Napolean Hill One of the more curious chapters in Napolean Hill’s self-help classic Think and Grow Rich is titled: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. I’m sure it raised a few eyebrows when it was first published in 1937, because it tackles the subject of sex—and how to effectively use it in the [Read More...]

Walking through the wall.

Since my daughter was a very small child, I’ve told her fairy tales at night. And even though she is now almost a teenager, she still likes me to tell her the occasional story. What follows is one that I recently pulled out, that will be alluded to in my book Thaddeus Squirrel (coming Fall, 2011). [Read More...]

Inspiration in 30 seconds or less: My Top Ten Tweets.

I’ve been on Twitter for about a year now, and during that time I’ve put out almost 600 tweets. (You can see my most recent ones running down the right side of this page.) The great majority of my tweets are inspirational quotes and I recently picked out my ten favorites to date. You’ll find [Read More...]

There are UFOs in my neighborhood. Should I be concerned?

I’ve always been fascinated by UFOs. It may have started as a young boy, when visiting my aunt’s shore house a few miles from where I live now. She used to tell me about the “ghost lights” that appeared in the sky some nights. One night I saw one for myself, dancing against a dark [Read More...]

My beautiful, black Buddah.

I was now officially having an emotional relationship with a Buddah head. I’d convinced myself that the Buddah head was going to change things for me. Going to slow things down for starters—because life had been moving way too fast.   ~Susan Conley, The Foremost Good Fortune We have several Buddah figures in and around our [Read More...]

A New Year’s Resolution for 2011: Make Money. Be Happy.

Have you heard of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill? It’s one of my favorite inspirational reads and even though it was first published in 1937, the book’s primary message, getting what you want through visualization, hard work and a positive attitude, still rings true today. Even better than that book though, [Read More...]