A Story of Intimidation and Control at Gospel for Asia

An aspect of the Gospel for Asia story that I have not explored much is the claim of controlling actions on the part of GFA leaders. Today, I want to bring out one such claim. Before I tell this story, I want to alert readers that I reached out to GFA through their PR firm InChrist Communications. I told InChrist Communications that I wanted GFA leaders to have a chance to address these serious claims. I received no answer.On the GFA Diaspora website, a former male employee named Nick tells … [Read more...]

Still on Creflo Dollar’s Website: Jesus Died So You Can Financially Prosper


Yesterday, I saw via tweet from Janet Mefferd that Creflo (I want a Gulfstream) Dollar removed a Facebook posting and Tweet that claimed, and I'm paraphrasing, Jesus died so we could be financially rich.However, today this was tweeted to me by Garrett O'Hara:@JanetMefferd @wthrockmorton On his website as of when I tweeted this. https://t.co/DjJjsEvOVI— Garrett O'Hara (@Dallascernment) October 12, 2015And sure enough, Dollar actually claims on his website thatJesus … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia: What Happens When You Speak Up

Today, I was sent a link to a blog written by a former GFA staff person who was married to a GFA leader. Sara Sluberski wrote about being uninvited to a wedding. The social rejection was triggered by the Christianity Today article about GFA which dropped Thursday (Sara's husband Tom was cited in the CT article).This article sent me on an excursion through her other posts. On September 28, she wrote: GFA has been accused of shunning people.  While we were working there we could alway explain … [Read more...]

Things I Think After Reading Christianity Today’s Article on Gospel for Asia

Just out today, Bob Smietana penned an article at Christianity Today on the controversies surrounding Gospel for Asia including the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability board vote to terminate GFA's membership.  It is a lengthy piece with many quotes from former staff. I hope you will read it and then come back here to discuss.Where in the World is K.P. Yohannan?I was struck right away by this sentence: Founder K.P. Yohannan was not available for comment. Why not? My s … [Read more...]

Calvary Chapel of Oxnard Takes a Stand on Gospel for Asia

Earlier today Calvary Chapel of Oxnard (CA) posted the following notice on their public Facebook page: Attention People of CCO: We will no longer be supporting Gospel for Asia (GFA) and we encourage you to prayerfully consider ending your support or their missionary sponsorship program & Bridges of Hope. EFCA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) has recently removed GFA due to serious issues of financial mismanagement and activity that removes them form what can be called … [Read more...]

Gospel for Asia Changes 100% to the Field Pledge

New 100 percent

Repeatedly, Gospel for Asia has proclaimed that 100% of donation goes to the mission field. Now, after having their ECFA membership terminated, the wording regarding donations has changed. From the "Financial Integrity" page: What does "preferenced" mean?  Does it mean something different than "designated?"Donors should read the second sentence carefully: Contributions are income tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and are made with the understanding that Gospel … [Read more...]

More Missing Gospel for Asia Endorsements: Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, William Blount and Many More (UPDATED)


UPDATE 2 (10/8/15) - This morning I noticed that now two-thirds of endorsements on the GFA website are now missing. Prior to the GFA's loss of ECFA membership, there were 18 endorsers on the GFA endorsements page. Now there are six: Patrick Johnstone, George Verwer, Luis Bush, Dan Wooding, Suellen Roberts and Frank Wright.Now missing are Francis Chan, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, William Blount, Katey Hearth, Karol Ladd, Sharon Geiger, Jeff Lutes, Ashley Elliot, Barbara Dowling, Terry Powell, … [Read more...]

Has Francis Chan Dropped His Endorsement of Gospel for Asia?

GFA Endorse Chan

Francis Chan once was here but now is not.Yesterday, he was there:Today, he isn't:He is also missing from this page as of this morning.Chan's recommendation is elsewhere on the GFA website, hence the question (Francis Chan's video endorsement is now missing. It remains up here.). I have reached out to Chan on many occasions, including yesterday and today with no answer. It is possible that the overworked website staff at GFA haven't been able to keep up and the other loc … [Read more...]