Justin Dean Clarifies His Statement About Growth at Mars Hill Ballard

I posted last week a statement Mars Hill Church spokesman Justin Dean made to the Ballard News-Tribune about Mars Hill Ballard. He told the paper that the church was growing and I wondered how that could be based on reports from those who attend there. Some of those comments were posted at the Ballard News-Tribune. Go read those at this link. Now in an update to the article, Dean explains:Dean contacted the BNT today to clarify what he meant in his statement he emailed to the BNT on … [Read more...]

The Christian Right and the Search for a Usable Past

The final session I attended at the Conference on Faith and History was titled "The Christian Right and the Search for a Usable Past." Gregg Frazer, Professor of History at The Master’s College chaired the session and provided closing comments.Three papers were presented:1. "Fallen Walls and Open Doors: An Analysis of David Barton as a Christian Historian," by Matt McCook, Professor at Oklahoma Christian University.In my view, McCook started out on thin ice by referring to Barton as a … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Wins Values Voter Straw Poll

Ted Cruz has won the 2014 Values Voters Presidential Straw Poll.Cruz is attractive to religious right culture warriors who make up the Values Voter campaigners but, in my opinion, he is unlikely to resonate with the GOP mainstream or independents.  To illustrate, Cruz had this to say about David Barton in 2013: David’s historical research has helped millions rediscover the founding principles of our nation and the incredible sacrifices that men and women of faith made to bequeath to us the f … [Read more...]

Switchfoot – When We Come Alive

Jon Foreman sounds as good as ever on Switchfoot's new anthem, When We Come Alive.We light the skyWhen we igniteWhen we come alive … [Read more...]

Some Observations on the Mars Hill Church Weekly


As usual on Friday, news about Mars Hill Church was posted on the website. Nothing earth shattering was shared but some items caught my eye.First, I note that Mars Hill Downtown campus is having a celebration (and a moving party). However, I saw nothing about a similar party at the University District location. U-District's pastor Drew Hensley was one of the signers of "the Letter" whereas the downtown location pastors did not sign it. Now perhaps, U-District didn't want to have a party, I … [Read more...]

Down Around My Place – John Hiatt and Joe Bonamassa

This is a wonderful pairing; a bluesy mysterious song from Hiatt with Bonamassa's impeccable leads. Enjoy:And I put my faith in youDid you make that error too?Bound to fail that he might show his graceDown around my place. And then there's this: And my grandpa says, “Don't worryIt's always the last one in who's in a hurryTo try and slam the door in the next one's face”   … [Read more...]

Conference on Faith and History: Historians and Social Media

I plan some posts today from the Conference, although not in order of presentation.I intend to blog this session so John Fea can't post on it first. He is on the panel. I am pretty sure I will get this out first.John Fea, Chris Gerhz, and Paul Putz are sitting on a panel where they are displaying their blogs and discussing their efforts on social media. John Fea was live tweeting it as it took place.Jon Den Hartog is setting up the panel now and asking good questions. One, do … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll on Repentance

This Resurgence blog post on repentance from Mark Driscoll is simply stunning.For those keeping score at home, this checklist may come in handy.   … [Read more...]