Another False Credentials Claim: Ravi Zacharias (UPDATED)

Although I just became aware of it last night, Ravi Zachiarias has been fighting off claims of using false credentials since 2015. At one point, he claimed doctorate degrees he doesn’t have and appointments at Oxford and Cambridge he didn’t hold. Given the stature of Zacharias, I was very surprised I had not heard about this. However, I was not surprised that deception about academic credentials did not slow him down in the Christian world. Despite the fact that fraud… Read more

Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Yesterday, net neutrality became a dominant topic of conversation on social media because FCC Chair and Trump appointee Ajit Pai announced plans for a December 14 vote on Obama-era net neutrality rules. Pai wants to scrap them despite an overwhelming outpouring of public comment against his plan. A majority of commenters to the FCC want to keep the rules in place. Pai, a former attorney for Verizon, wants to change regulations to make the environment more friendly for the large internet… Read more

Press Release: The Boston Declaration – Challenging the Corruption of Christianity

Today, a group of progressive Christian clergy and scholars released a declaration taking on racism, militarism, homophobia, and just about every other ill ailing the church today. I haven’t read through it carefully enough to have a strong opinion yet but I plan to give careful study. At first glance, there is a lot I like. For now, consider this a news event. The press release follows. PRESS RELEASE – THE BOSTON DECLARATION THE BOSTON DECLARATION A Prophetic Appeal to… Read more

Robert Morris Announces The Table Church Plant in Austin

In September, I first disclosed that Gateway Church founding pastor Robert Morris’ son Josh was going to plant a church in Austin, TX. This news represented a sea change at Gateway because the plan had always been for Josh to take over Gateway when Robert retired. This past weekend, the elder Morris made it official and announced to the Gateway congregation that the plant in Austin was happening. The church, to be called The Table Church, is slated in early… Read more

Mixed Orientation Couples and The Nashville Statement: What Would I Do?

Last week, I wrote about advice given by Nashville Statement signer Rosaria Butterfield to a heterosexually married woman who fell in love with a woman. In addition, this woman had come to dislike her husband greatly and had not been intimate with him for over a year. Butterfield’s answer to the intimacy problem was for the woman to submit to sex often, even though she said she couldn’t bear it. My strong criticism of this generated intense discussion and questions… Read more

Wishful Thinking, Forced Intimacy, and The Nashville Statement

I started counseling LGB people and mixed orientation couples about two decades ago. Initially, I had high hopes that counseling might regularly assist same-sex attracted people become straight or bisexual. In a story that has been told elsewhere, I have since changed my mind. Part of what helped form my current views of sexual orientation was the experience of counseling and researching mixed orientation couples. I concluded: If heterosexual responding did not happen for same-sex attracted people in that context, it… Read more

Could There Be a More Perfect Tweet?

If there’s a tweeting contest for 2017, I enter fellow Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta’s tweet. This tweet is so childish, Roy Moore wants to date it. — Hemant Mehta (@hemantmehta) November 12, 2017 The layers of this tweet would take political pundits many hours on CNN, FOX, and CNBC to unravel. At once, it nails Donald Trump and Roy Moore and succinctly expresses their immaturity and incompetence. And it captures the Twilight Zone that is our current national government…. Read more

The Nashville Statement and Sterling K. Brown: Is This Us?

Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown brilliantly plays Randall Pearson in the NBC drama This Is Us. According to his Twitter account, he is also “a child of God.” In a 2016 Facebook posting just after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Brown expanded on that by saying that he grew up in St. Louis as a Christian. He also said that he has three family members who are gay and he believes #gaylivesmatter. You can read the whole post below… Read more

Just Before Pledge Drive, K-LOVE Paid $58-Million for Three Stations

Just before the Fall Pledge Drive, K-LOVE purchased three stations from Entercom for $58-million. According to the industry blog, Radioinsight, EMF [Educational Media Foundation – K-LOVE’s parent company] will acquire Classic Rock “100.3 The Sound” KSWD Los Angeles as well as 92.1 KSOQ Escondido CA (Simulcasts Country“>97.3 KSON San Diego) and 95.9 WGGI Berwick PA (Simulcasts Country “Froggy 101” WGGY Wilkes-Barre). Entercom divested the stations as part of their merger with CBS. This year K-LOVE has also acquired stations in… Read more

K-LOVE Still Won’t Reveal How Much Was Raised During Pledge Drive

Recently, K-LOVE completed their Fall Pledge Drive. It lasted at least one day longer than scheduled because they didn’t reach their goal in the allotted time. Even though nobody I talked to at K-LOVE seemed to know how much they wanted to raise, they had to keep begging for money to reach it. How Much Did K-LOVE Make During Pledge Drive? I tried to find out how much K-LOVE raised during pledge drive. The giant radio organization had a surplus… Read more

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