Ken Ham’s Organization Denies Facts About Conference Sponsors


Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis is misinforming questioners about Michael Peroutka who is sponsoring of next month's creationism speech at a church in Severn, MD. According to AiG representative Troy Lacey, Michael Peroutka never was a part of the League of the South. Acting on a tip from a reader who first wrote AiG earlier in the day, I wrote the organization and asked: I understand that Ken Ham is speaking at an event in Severn, MD sponsored by Michael Peroutka. Mr. Peroutka is a member and … [Read more...]

Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Comin’

No one brought the funk like Sam & Dave. This one is my favorite by them.  … [Read more...]

Happy Constitution Day 2014!

A bit late but nonetheless, I want to post this link to the government's site observing the event. On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created. The National Archives and Records Administration celebrates this important day in our nation's history by presenting the following activities, lesson plans, and information. We encourage teachers and students at all levels to learn more about our Constitution and … [Read more...]

Thrice – Circles

A contemplative song from former Mars Hill Director of Worship Dustin Kensrue's band Thrice.We’re building towers with no foundations, just stacking stone on stone.Whatever it takes - mix our mortar with bones. … [Read more...]

Seattle Weekly on The Reckoning of Mars Hill Church

Nina Shapiro, writing for Seattle Weekly, has penned an intriguing article filled with interviews of former Mars Hill members.  Shapiro was invited to a Wednesday night meeting where many ex-Mars Hill members and attenders gather to find community.Here is a taste:For those here tonight, the downfall has been long coming. Many left years ago, some voluntarily, others after being ousted. And yet the scars seem fresh, the effect lasting. “Some of us were abused and ostracized,” Thoen cont … [Read more...]

Lots of Similar Retweets on the Mars Hill Letter to the Editor


A letter to the editor was published in the Seattle Times in defense of Mars Hill today. My point now is not to discuss or debate the contents of the letter; regular readers should be able to see the factual problems. I am glad the Times prints letter with a variety of opinions. Discuss it if you want in the comments.What seems odd is what was happening on Twitter with the link. Many of the accounts don't appear to be legit or at least they seem suspicious. Note the repetitive nature of them … [Read more...]

Rob Asghar at Forbes on Mars Hill Church: The Enron of American Churches

Forbes' contributor Rob Asghar takes no prisoners in his articles today on Mars Hill Church.The first titled, "Mars Hill: Cautionary Tales From The Enron Of American Churches" analyzes the situation from the perspective of toxic leadership, and the second titled, "How Toxic Followers Enable Toxic Leaders" takes a hard look at the precursors to the recent decline at Mars Hill Church and wonders why so many missed the signs.While hindsight has a distinct advantage over prophecy, Asghar … [Read more...]

Spoonman – Soundgarden

One of the best rock songs ever to my ears.Speak the rhythm on your ownSpeak the rhythm all alone, Spoonman … [Read more...]