Member of Trump’s Evangelical Council Resigns; Hopes White Evangelicals Speak Out

It has been widely reported that A. R. Bernard announced his resignation today from President Trump’s evangelical council of advisors.  Tonight Rev. Bernard appeared on Don Lemon’s show on CNN to discuss his resignation. Lemon asked Bernard why he stepped away. Bernard said that he hoped he would have influence but it did not turn out that way. He said some of the white evangelical leaders had the ability to speak directly to Trump but many did not. It turned… Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – More Congressional Powers Suggested

August 18, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes) Summary The delegates continued to discuss the enumeration of powers of Congress and formed a committee to make recommendations about new powers to include. Influences on the Delegates Although some founders wanted a very limited national government, Madison and Pinckney wanted an expansion of federal powers. Look at what they wanted Congress to oversee. In Convention, — Mr. MADISON submitted, in order to be referred to the Committee of Detail, the following powers, as proper… Read more

Source: Steve Bannon Was Fired This Morning

A source in a position to know just indicated that Steve Bannon has been fired. He was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly. Apparently President Trump was not present when the decision was relayed. Although his departure had been rumored with many calling for his job, apparently Bannon has been let go. Developing… He is now saying he resigned two weeks ago. Steve Bannon just told me he resigned from the White House two weeks ago @POTUS #Bannon— Sara… Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – National Power to Curb Rebellions

August 17, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day) Summary The delegates debated many details relating to the enumeration of Congressional powers. Influences on the Delegates Madison again referred to the example of Great Britain as instructive for the Constitution. The Statute of Anne was the first British law to establish copyright protection. Mr. MADISON. Felony at common law is vague. It is also defective. One defect is supplied by Statute of Anne, as to running away with… Read more

League of the South Strategies for Guerrilla Warfare

One of the leading white supremacist organizations in Charlottesville was the League of the South. The leader of the group is Michael Hill. You can see him circled in red below fighting his way toward the Lee monument last weekend in Charlottesville. Over the past several years, the League has become more clear in their white supremacist positions and become openly aligned with neo-Nazis and the KKK. This was demonstrated in Charlottesville by their participation in Unite the Right. Hill… Read more

Trump Calls Confederate Monuments Beautiful and Says Culture Ripped Apart by Removal

In a series of tweets, President Trump this morning lamented the movement to remove Confederate statues from American cities. Trump doubled down on his remarks at the press conference two days ago when he said there were good people among the Nazis and white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville. Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. You….. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17, 2017… Read more

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Letter from Birmingham Jail

Dated April 16, 1963, Martin Luther King wrote a letter from jail in Birmingham during the non-violent campaign there. In the letter, he defended the strategy of non-violence used in the Birmingham campaign. One of the striking elements of the letter is King’s disappointment with the white clergy in the South. If I could paraphrase King for today, I might ask the Trump evangelical advisory board, “Who is your God? Where are your voices of support when the president said… Read more

James Robison: Are We Going to Rip Amazing Grace from Hymnal Because John Newton Was a Slave Trader?

Gateway Church apostolic elder and member of Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, James Robison, today asked God if Amazing Grace should be removed from the hymnbook because John Newton was a slave trader. Although he doesn’t mention Confederate statues, in a video titled, What Must We Do When All Hell Breaks Loose, Robison appears to signal his views on removing symbols of the past. Watch: He first asks God to release healing and asks for peace, joy, and wisdom. He… Read more

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – The Powers of Congress

August 16, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes) Summary The delegates took up debate on the powers of Congress. They easily agreed that Congress should have power to lay and collect taxes, regulate international and interstate commerce, coin money, regulate foreign coin, fix standards of weights and measures, and to establish post roads and post offices. They voted down a clause allowing Congress to print paper money (“emit bills”). Influences on the Delegates The one biblical reference in today’s proceedings was… Read more

Donald Trump: First Robert E. Lee, What’s Next George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Donald Trump made the same argument that many defenders of Confederate symbols make. If we take down statues of Lee and Stonewall Jackson, what’s next Washington and Jefferson? Watch: Trump knocks it out of the park by asking the media about whether George Washington statue is next to be removed. — The Columbia Bugle (@ColumbiaBugle) August 15, 2017 In this clip, Trump also defends participation in the Unite the Right rally if the participants weren’t white supremacists. He said… Read more