Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

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The Fatal Wound – Switchfoot

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Kansas City Shooter Among Majority on Vanguard News Network Who Called for Extermination of Jews


More information is coming out about the Vanguard News Network and Frazier Glenn Miller who is in custody in connection with three fatal shootings in Kansas City.  On the Occidental Dissent blog (Brad Griffin's white nationalist site aligned with the League of the South), Griffin links to a Vanguard News Network poll about the "extermination" of Jews. (Warning: this is extremely ugly and hateful material). Glenn Miller, who identified himself by name on VNN but posted as "Rounder," agreed … [Read more...]

American Clubs Bring Neo-Confederate Institute on the Constitution to Public Schools; Liberty Counsel to Assist


The neo-Confederate Institute on the Constitution wants to come to a school near you. The IOTC is actively pushing "American Clubs" with materials on their website designed to help students get a club started. Late last year, IOTC was featured at an American Club meeting at Spanish River High School in FL. In the photo to the left, IOTC founder and former board member of the white separatist group the League of the South Michael Peroutka speaks to high school students at Spanish River about … [Read more...]

From Barton to Scherr: Thomas Kidd on Various Visions of Thomas Jefferson

Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture seeks "to advance knowledge of the role Christianity has played in mediating larger social and intellectual forces."  The Spring issue includes an article by Arthur Sherr (sic), entitled “Thomas Jefferson Versus the Historians: Christianity, Atheistic Morality, and the Afterlife.” When the article appeared, we asked for comment from other historians who have studied the role of religion in Jefferson’s thought. (Last week’s response … [Read more...]

Man arrested in connection with Kansas City shootings is member of forum calling for extermination of Jews


Frazier Glenn Miller is in custody tonight in connection with the murder of three people in Kansas City. Miller is known as "Rounder" on the Vanguard News Network, a racist, anti-Semitic forum, hosted by Alex Linder. Miller apparently targeted a Jewish Community Center but if news reports are correct, he killed a teen and his grandfather who attended a Methodist Church. The forum host (Linder) of VNN (where Miller posted frequently) signs his posts as follows: If we exterminate termites because … [Read more...]

What Would Redemption Look Like on Other Planets?

On Friday, the Daily Mail (UK) ran a story about a new study which suggests that Jupiter may have influenced Earth's climate in the distant past. A benefit of the study is that it may help astronomers find planets which could sustain human-like life.  It appears that many such planets exist in the "Goldilocks zone," (not too hot, not too cold, but just right!) including one reported in late March. I suspect there are such planets and I can believe they may be inhabited. I doubt I'll ever … [Read more...]

More on Liberty University and the Unification Church

James Duncan at Pajama Pages has another article today with more information on the historic links between Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church and Liberty University.  Specifically, he focuses on Ron Godwin, LU's Provost who has a long history with the Unification Church. The beginning: Liberty University’s current provost, Ron Godwin, was appointed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon to take his teachings and use them to revive and resurrect American Christianity. Moon knew Godwin intimately, and … [Read more...]

Deja Vu All Over Again: David Barton Misleads Audience Again About Crime Statistics

Watching Maris and Mantle hit home runs during the early 1960s, Yankees catcher Yogi Berra was reported to say that the frequent long ball was like "deja vu all over again." That's about how it feels watching David Barton mislead churches when he speaks. On March 30, Barton spoke to Victory Christian Center in Austin, TX. Right Wing Watch has one aspect of the speech which is a newer wrinkle in his misleading ways, but watching the rest of the speech, I had that deja vu feeling … [Read more...]

Neo-Confederate Radio Show to Host Ohio Representative of Institute on the Constitution

Continuing a troubling link between the Maryland based Institute on the Constitution and neo-Confederate leaders, Ohio IOTC teacher and representative Nicki Pepin is slated to appear on Sonny Thomas' radio show. The show will air on April 24. On STS 4.24 @ 9pm - Ricki Pepin of Institute On The Constitution -— Sonny Thomas Show (@SonnyThomasShow) April 8, 2014 — Sonny Thomas Show (@SonnyThomasShow) April 8, 2014 Thomas has been a … [Read more...]