Eric Metaxas Used David Barton’s Work to Help Him Write His New Book “If You Can Keep It” (AUDIO)

Even though Eric Metaxas didn't footnote him, he said on his radio show today that he used David Barton's work to help him with history for his new book, If You Can Keep It. He lauded Barton's historical work as helping him understand the Christian foundations of the nation.This explains a lot, including his smug reaction to actual historians who have exposed the problems in his new book.  Barton didn't spend much time trying to defend errors until his brand was threatened. Now that … [Read more...]

The Daily Show on Donald Trump’s Divine Side (Video)

This video illustrates several biases, including confirmation bias and group serving bias.These people actually think Trump is a good Christian because he is successful and he says he is.Mark Burns needs an intervention. … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Blows Off Historical Errors in His New Book

With Ann Coulter on his Monday radio show, Eric Metaxas seemed stunned that historians would critique his new book, If You Can Keep It. Coulter warned people that her new book would likely contain errors and Metaxas jumped off of that comment to complain that people have written essays about the errors in his book. Listen:He acknowledges that he got religious liberty in the colonial period wrong but implies he could change a sentence around to make it accurate. He glosses over his error b … [Read more...]

Republicans Divided from the Start, Security Kicks Out Press

When I said the vanguard of American fascism, I wasn't far off. The RNC in partnership with Donald Trump is according to Sen. Mike Lee in "uncharted territory."Watch:Uncharted territoryUtah Senator Mike Lee commented that the disregard of rules is uncharted territory for the RNC. The press was kicked off the convention floor at one point as well.Police kicked me & my crew along w/other media organizations off GOP convention flr when things got testy after rules vote. No … [Read more...]

Prior to Official Launch, Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church Is on the Hook for $2.5 Million in Building Debt

Apparently Mark Driscoll's The Trinity Church will pay nearly $2.5 million for the Glass and Garden Church in Scottsdale, AZ. Although appraised at about ten times that amount, the church is making payments to the church on two loans.Read the Deed of Trust.All of the details are not here, but it looks like the church may not have put much up front but instead has promised to pay the full amount over time to the owner. If the church defaults, the Glass and Garden Church take over. … [Read more...]

GOP Delegates Vote Down the Conscience Clause

Kendal Unruh's conscience clause was voted down in the rules committee just now. The committee voted to bind the delegates and to refuse to allow delegates to vote their conscience. Now the committee is voting to bind the delegates to Rule 16. It looks like the stop Trump movement is about to go down in the rules committee. I don't know what else is on the agenda of the anti-Trump movement but it doesn't look good.To watch the debate, go here.Unruh promises a floor fight.The GOP … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Says His History of Religious Liberty Has Been Misrepresented

Responding to Rachel Held Evans on Twitter, Eric Metaxas claimed his position on religious liberty during colonial times has been misrepresented.@rachelheldevans My position on this has been misrepresented. OF COURSE we had horrible instances of such things. I'd never deny it. — Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) July 14, 2016I'd like to know how his position has been misrepresented. Please, Mr. Metaxas enlighten us with passages from your book.  John Fea from Messiah College, Tracy McKenzie … [Read more...]

If Trump Becomes the GOP Nominee, the RNC is Responsible

There is a way that the GOP can be saved. The Wall Street Journal maps it out here.Since a Virginia court case earlier this week made it clear that a state may not enforce laws overriding the rules of a political party, it is now up to the GOP rules committee to adopt a rule allowing delegates to vote for the candidate they now believe will be the best person to take on Hillary Clinton. If the delegates vote for Trump, so be it. If not, the GOP might have a chance in November.Right now, … [Read more...]