Current Mars Hill Pastor Says Investigation Findings Showed Mark Driscoll Not Qualified as Elder


In an ongoing conversation on a previous post, current Mars Hill pastor Steve Tompkins, indicated that based on the Board of Elders' investigation, Mark Driscoll is not currently qualified for the office of elder. Speaking to former elder Zack Hubert, Tompkins commented on the findings of the Board of Elders report of their investigation into formal charges by 21 former elders and other private witnesses.To my knowledge, Tompkins is the first current elder who has … [Read more...]

Reactions to the New Book by George Barna and David Barton, Part One

In the future, I might write a formal review of U-Turn: Restoring America to the Strength of its Roots by George Barna and David Barton, but for now I am going to offer some preliminary reactions to it.My first reaction was disappointment that George Barna would team up with document collector Barton. It is hard to imagine a more unified reaction from scholars, Christian and not, against Barton's approach to history than occurred in 2012-2013. In August 2012, Barton's book The Jefferson Lies … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Shoreline Pastor Asks Forgiveness, Calls Out Leadership

Steve Tompkins has penned a remarkable open letter in which he calls out past Mars Hill leadership and asks for forgiveness for being complicit with that leadership. You should read the entire letter, but I want to pull out a few segments. Dear Former Members and Attenders of Mars Hill Church, especially those of you for whom I have had shepherding responsibility at Mars Hill Shoreline.I am deeply sorry that so many people have experienced profound hurt over the years at Mars Hill. It … [Read more...]

Mars Hill’s Compensation Process and ECFA Guidelines

Recently, Wenatchee the Hatchet posted a memo from Sutton Turner regarding Mark Driscoll's salary recommendations. In the August 2012 memo, Turner wrote: I would like to put forth a recommendation to raise Pastor Mark Driscoll’s salary to$650,000 for financial year 2013 based on the following: Turner then made a case to the compensation committee for Driscoll to receive a substantial raise for FY 2013. He also indicated in the memo that he was the only person outside of the compensation c … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

A commenter going by "former mars hill elder" posted a claim that Mars Hill Church would soon declare bankruptcy. former mars hill elder • 20 hours agoI heard yesterday that Mars Hill will for sure be filing bankruptcy. Every church will either close their doors or become independent.Dave is planning on resigning once the transition is complete. Mark will not be receiving his full severance package. The Dave referenced above is Dave Bruskas, lone remaining executive elder at Mars … [Read more...]

Mars Hill’s Non-Disparagement Clause, the Attorney General, and Blowing Whistles in ECFA Organizations

For a long time, Mars Hill Church used non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses to keep departing staff and pastors quiet about problems at the church. As it turns out, the church might have been violating Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability guidance in yet another way by the used of what former pastor Dave Kraft called a "gag order." The ECFA provides a template for a church whistleblower policy. If the guidance in this policy (and elsewhere) is observed, whistleblowing should … [Read more...]

No Institute on the Constitution Club at Logan High School

Recently, the Institute on the Constitution used a video of an unidentified teacher to claim they had established another American club in a public school. (See below) Post by Institute on the Constitution.More recently, the IOTC posted a better produced video of the same teacher (an intervention specialist at Logan High School) and a student discussing how easy it is to start an American club in the public school. Post by Institute on the Constitution.As it turns out, the … [Read more...]

More Specifics About Changes at Mars Hill Church: Localized Governance, Financial Clarity, Culture Change

Lone executive elder Dave Bruskas gets more specific about changes in the works at Mars Hill Church in this message on The City (and the website): The full statement is here: From Pastor David Bruskas: Mars Hill,While most of the recent attention surrounding our church has been focused on accusations against Pastor Mark, I along with your Lead Pastors, are painfully aware that we have an unhealthy culture in our church, and many of us have contributed. We love you very … [Read more...]