Eric Metaxas: Hillary Clinton is 1930s Fascism in Rainbow Colors

Eric Metaxas continues to double and triple down on his contention that opposition to Hillary Clinton (and support for Trump) is like Bonhoeffer's resistance to the Nazis. For good measure, he seems to liken Trump opponents to German Christians who failed to oppose Hitler.Reading the comments, it appears that many of his Twitter followers aren't buying it.From Twitter today:German Christians in the 30s were so worried about their "witness" they did nothing to heroically stand against … [Read more...]

Weekend Wisdom from Eric Metaxas

Weekend wisdom from Eric Metaxas:Christians who are more worried about "their witness" than about doing what is right are actually damaging their witness. Chose ye this day.— Eric Metaxas (@ericmetaxas) September 24, 2016Read the responses. His followers don't get it either. … [Read more...]

David Barton Used a Secondary Source for His PhD Video (Video with Pop Ups)

On September 7, religious right history writer and Christian nation advocate David Barton posted a video on his You Tube and Facebook accounts claiming to have an "earned doctorate." The very next day he removed the video, perhaps in light of the revelation that the degree may have come from unaccredited Life Christian University. LCU is on record as giving what it calls "earned doctorates" to famous people who never attended the school.Since he removed the video, Barton has not commented or … [Read more...]

Robert Morris: God Needs Us to Pray So He Can Heal the Land

As noted earlier today, Gateway Church hosted The Gathering yesterday. Robert Morris is the founder and senior pastor of Gateway and kicked off the afternoon session with pastors. It appears that the attendance was modest, between 140-200 pastors. Watch:Transcript: Let me welcome you and let you know where we're going today, and a couple of things like that, and how this all got started. I'm gonna share just for a moment, have an opening prayer, and then we'll have one more … [Read more...]

Tony Evans: We Can Literally Change God’s Mind about Taking America off the Scene

Tony Evans is the founder and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas TX and the chairman of the executive council of The Gathering, a solemn assembly of pastors and Christians which took place yesterday. In his introduction to the day, Evans raised three possibilities regarding America. One is that Christ will return and set up His Kingdom. The second one is that America will be judged and taken off "the scene," and a third is that American Christians pray and repent and change God's … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas Likes Christian Colleges, Blocks Christian College Profs

Today, Eric Metaxas published an article at CNSNews talking up Christian colleges. The major talking point is that Christian colleges are well rounded while secular schools are one-dimensional. Actually, in the article, he reported the views of NY Times columnist David Brooks. Speaking of Ivy League students, Brooks says: “They’ve been raised in a culture,” Brooks says, “that encourages them to pay attention to the résumé virtues of how to have a great career but leaves by the wayside … time to … [Read more...]

The Reduced Version of Gateway Church’s Solemn Assembly Will Solemnly Assemble Tomorrow

Remember the huge solemn assembly of 75,000 pastors Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris promised his congregation? Here is what he said last year about it.You know, I was just standing here thinking, I am really, really glad, to be in church.  I’m just, I just, really enjoyed worship.  And I hope you feel the same way.  Um, I will, just to let all of you know, so you can be in prayer and also so I like for you to know things like this because it’s, we feel like at Gateway Church, obviously … [Read more...]

The Mistake Made by People Who Thought David Barton Did Not Have a PhD

Apparently, the big mistake was listening to David Barton.In 2011, 2012 and 2015 (at least), David Barton is recorded saying he had no PhD. Watch:Then in 2015, he told the same story (start watching at 17:47):Call me crazy but I am sure he said he didn't have a PhD.It has only been this year that I can find any video references to having a PhD.The above reference is vague but he seems to say in August that he does have a PhD in Education.Then last week … [Read more...]