The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Ben Franklin’s Call to Prayer

June 28, 1787 (click to read Madison's notes on the day) Summary For students of religion at the Constitutional Convention, today is one of the most eventful days of the summer. Two hundred and thirty years ago today, in the midst of strong and passionate debate about the way states would be represented in the new government, Ben Franklin rose to call the Convention to prayer. After brief discussion, the delegates adjourned without a vote on Franklin's call and a companion motion by Edmund … [Read more...]

The Guardian Finds Skeletons in Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow’s Closet

I hope you go read this article by the Guardian on Jay Sekulow's fund raising tactics.  I had been aware of the massive amounts of money he has raised through fear mongering but I didn't know about the actual tactics. This is obscene.Sekulow has a company that manipulates Christians into giving money they can't afford to give. Reminds me of K-LOVE. Here is a script:I hope reporting like this helps dry up the money flow to these people. Most charities of this size simply don't need … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Political Philosophers on Parade

June 27, 1787 (click the link to read Madison's notes) Summary There were no votes on substantial issues today. The "highlight" was a speech of "over three hours" by Luther Martin on the need for each state to have an equal vote in the national government. The backdrop for this assertion was the continual tension between large and small states. The smaller state delegates were worried that the larger states would have the upper hand in the new republic. Influences on the Delegates Martin's … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Decision: Should Public Funds Help Build Church Playgrounds?

The Supreme Court today said yes: if other nonprofits are eligible for state funds to refurbish a playground, a church shouldn't be denied the same funds on account of being a church. In Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia MO v. Comer, the Court decided 7-2 that states may not discriminate when awarding such funds (read decision).At issue was a ministry of Trinity Lutheran -- their daycare -- and funds which they wanted from MO for placing a rubber surface on the space. MO had a rule which … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – The Senate Continued

June 26, 1787 Summary The delegates decided today in Convention that Senators should serve six-year terms with compensation for their public service. Madison spent some time outlining two views of the Senate. Influences on the Delegates Madison spoke at length about the role of the Senate in a republican government. In all civilized countries the people fall into different classes, having a real or supposed difference of interests. There will be creditors and debtors; farmers, merchants, … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – The Senate Debated

June 25, 1787 (click the link to read Madison's notes)  Summary Today, the delegates decided that state legislatures would elect Senators and that they minimum age to be a Senator would be 3o. Influences on the Delegates Charles Pinckney from South Carolina opened this day with a tribute to Great Britain but warned that the system of Britain would not work out in the United States. Much has been said of the Constitution of Great Britain. I will confess that I believe it to be the … [Read more...]

Did the American Founders Want the Bible in Schools?

Tim Barton, son of self-styled historian David Barton, wants you to believe the founding fathers wanted the Bible taught in schools. Watch:In the video, Barton focused on Benjamin Rush, a Philadelphia physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Barton said, But what's cool about him is when we became a nation, he wrote a series of essays to help guide and shape America, and what we thought and how we did it, and one of the essays he wrote was on education. It's this essay … [Read more...]

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Legislative Fine Tuning

June 23, 1787 (click the link to read Madison's notes) Summary The delegates debated Resolution 3 regarding the legislature. They deadlocked on giving members "adequate compensation" and decided to allow House members to remain eligible to hold other offices after their current term ended Influences on the Delegates Mason appealed to his experience in VA and Great Britain for his position: Mr. MASON. The motion of my colleague is but a partial remedy for the evil. He appealed to him as a … [Read more...]