Mark Driscoll to Make Big Announcement on Sunday

Several sources (current Mars Hill members, current pastors) have informed me that church pastors are telling members of the congregation that Mark Driscoll plans to make a "big announcement" on Sunday, August 24. The community groups have been informed to watch for it but there is nothing specific about the announcement as yet.The month of August has been difficult for Mars Hill and Driscoll. Among other items, two church board members resigned, Acts 29 Network removed Driscoll and the … [Read more...]

KOMO News Features Co-Founder of Mars Hill Church in Report on Charges Filed by 21 Former Pastors

One of the other co-founders of Mars Hill Church, Leif Moi, spoke out to KOMO News late yesterday about the charges recently lodged by 21 former Mars Hill pastors. Watch:Moi was dismissed as an elder in 2007. I have spoken to him several times this year and have a sense that coming forward was difficult. According to Moi, he has made several efforts to make amends with Driscoll and the church. … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler on White Privilege

Writing Tuesday on his church blog about the tragic shooting in Ferguson, MO, Matt Chandler validates the concept of white privilege.  The blog post is an expansion of tweets on the subject. According to the Christian Post, he also talked about the matter in his Sunday sermon.I am glad to see this and intend to discuss white privilege and stereotyping next week here on the blog.  … [Read more...]

Chief Inspector Clouseau Interrogates the Staff

Subtitle: Great moments in comedy.We all need a little levity and for me Peter Sellers almost never fails to deliver, especially in his signature role as Chief Inspector Clouseau. In this scene, Professor Fassbinder and his daughter have been kidnapped by former chief inspector Dreyfus to help Dreyfus build a doomsday machine. Dreyfus, who has gone mad because of Clouseau, wants to blackmail the world with the machine for the life of Clouseau. Clouseau is inspecting the crime scene and … [Read more...]

Megachurch Bait and Switch: Mars Hill Church and the Jesus Festival

Mars Hill Church occasionally answers the questions of some journalists. The Huffington Post did a feature story on the Jesus Festival that never was. On Monday, I wrote about the once planned but later canceled Jesus Festival which was to be funded by the extra $3 million received by Mars Hill at the end of 2013. Initially, Mars Hill wanted $2 million to help fund extra initiatives outlined on their website. The project was described on several webpages, but on one of them, at the bottom, was … [Read more...]

Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Church Pastors Bring Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll

On the heels of what was arguably the worst week in the history of Mars Hill Church, twenty-one former Mars Hill Church pastors brought charges late last week against lead pastor Mark Driscoll. Accompanied by a cover letter, briefs on workplace bullying and a summary of the powers of Mars Hill elders, the charges are being leveled by well-respected former pastors and are in the possession of the Mars Hill leadership. These documents greatly expand on charges brought by former pastor Dave Kraft. … [Read more...]

Executive Salaries at Mars Hill Church

Do you want to know how much your megachurch pastor makes?Some current and former members have expressed to me that they want to know what Mark Driscoll and the other executive pastors make. I will disappoint them right up front and say I don't know the answer to the question but I want to explore it a bit.Rob Smith at Musings From Under the Bus provided the CEO salaries and annual revenue of  5 large non-profit/parachurch organizations (e.g., Samaritan's Purse, World Vision). The … [Read more...]

League of the South President: Relish Being a White Supremacist

In what is probably one of the clearest statements of the white supremacist views of the League of the South, organization president Michael Hill penned an article calling on League members to relish the white supremacist views of their Southern heroes. Anne Arundel County Council candidate and proud League of the South member Michael Peroutka told a news conference audience that he repudiated racists in the League and would pray for them. Well, he does know Michael Hill so he has some … [Read more...]