Racism on You Tube; It's Elementary clips pulled in copyright claim

I received an email from Stephen Bennett yesterday alerting his mailing list to videos demonstrating schools and teachers teaching about homosexuality. These were clips of It’s Elementary, by Woman’s Educational Media. I figured that these clips would be gone quickly with focus placed on them and I was correct. They are now gone.

This not the main event as far as I am concerned. What shocked me was the other videos posted by the person or group who posted the It’s Elementary clips. Going by johnsmithxp1, this person has posted some horrid videos celebrating white supremacy. You Tube has a feature that allows users to report offensive videos. Anyone up for using it?

Just hours after I posted this, I saw an article about this on the Southern Poverty Law Center. Brentin Mock was way ahead of me.

UPDATE – 4/26/07 – The video I linked to above has now been removed due to violation of YouTube’s terms of use and the entire account of johnsmithxp1 has been suspended by You Tube. Now let’s go after this one…

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  • http://www.exgaywatch.com Timothy Kincaid

    Richard Cohen = Stephen Bennett = NARTH

    Why can’t these guys see something anti-gay and just stop long enough to check and see if they want to be associated with it?

    Don’t they have the internal mechanism that says “hmmm, pro-slavery, perhaps not for the advisory board” or “hmmm, these guys want to mock me, maybe I shouldn’t cuddle people on TV” or even “hmmm, likes Hitler, maybe I shouldn’t throw him my support”?