From meddling to preaching; two important articles on shifts in Evangelicalism

David Kirkpatrick has a lengthy analysis of shifts in evangelicalism in yesterday’s New York Times. Called “The Evangelical Crackup,” the article describes what appears to be a shift in evangelicalism away from political activism.

And then the Rocky Mountain News describes a similar shift underway at Focus on the Family with the advent of Jim Daly as head of the organization.

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  • Lily Mac

    I thinkk the Focus thing is really a perceived shift vs. an actual shift. Focus has always been about parenting and marriage… just a lot of attention has been paid to Dr. Dobson’s own political points of view.

  • Warren

    Lily Mac – I agree. The lion’s share of their work is about how to parent, limiting negative influences on kids via violent media, and how to enhance marriage and as such has wide appeal.

    The political edge gets lots of media attention.

  • jayhuck


    You mean, how to enhance heterosexual marriage, right?

  • Mary

    Our prayers are beginning to be answered.