Cameron takes his show across the pond

Paul Cameron went to Britain last month to tell about his new research studies of newspaper clippings. The title for this talk was a cheery one: “Homosexuals Account for 29 Percent of Rape and Murder of Kids.” All of that based on reading the paper. Recently, I addressed the problems with his methodology regarding another similar “study” he posted on his new online “journal” (read: website).

Anyway, Peter Ould has an interesting post about the group he spoke to — the Christian Council of Britain. He takes a romp through a history of ideas regarding race and apartheid that are worth considering.

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  • Mary

    That’s like studying the behaviors of black men in the early to mid century southern united states through the newspapers only. Not an accurate record of the population and proportion of activities taking place in the population (all people) on the whole.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    How does Cameron discribe his “homosexual perpetrators” ?

    A steady growth in the proportion of perpetrators who were boyfriends or stepfathers was noted.

    Ummm… so these “homosexuals” are in adult relationships with women, not men?

    Gosh… I’d say they don’t seem very homosexual to me.

  • ken

    I keep getting this image of Cameron hosting an antiques road show, were people keep bringing him newspaper articles and he evaluates them to determine their value in exposing “the homosexual menace.”