Is the Evangelical center in Xenia, Ohio?

I liked this op-ed online at USA Today titled: “evangelicals you don’t know.” Written by self-described blue-stater, Tom Krattenmaker, the piece describes his visit to the HQ of Athletes in Actions, an affiliate of Campus Crusade for Christ. While he found differences in ideology there, he found a tone he did not expect:

Like the people I interviewed at Athletes in Action, Hunter is intent on changing the way we work through our still-real differences. Will it be in the now-popular style of a shouting match, where we listen only so far as it helps us plot our next incendiary retort? Or will we have a civil and respectful dialogue, one that employs our ears as much as our mouths?

I vote for the civil and respectful dialogue.

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  • Jayhuck

    I know its a soapbox, I know I’ve said it a million times, but its difficult, if not impossible at times, to be civil with those who don’t respect you and treat you as if you deserve the same rights as they do. Its not just the prejudice and bigotry, but also the patronizing that occurs that makes things so difficult. Kudos to those gay men and women who are able to rise above that – hopefully, in doing so, minds and attitudes will be changed