Wall Street Journal previews APA Mental Health and Abortion task force report

Today’s Wall Street Journal’s Stephanie Simon has an article regarding the APA Mental Health and Abortion Task Force. Titled “New Front on the Abortion Battle,” the article previews the APA committee’s report due to be considered tomorrow (Wed. 8/13/08).

The article begins:

For decades, the cultural battle over abortion has been about what goes on inside a woman’s womb. But more and more, the focus is shifting to what goes on inside her head.

Activists on both sides are awaiting a comprehensive report reviewing two decades of published research on mental health and abortion, to be presented this week at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference in Boston.

The report comes at a pivotal time as some judges and lawmakers have begun to make decisions in part based on peer-reviewed studies suggesting women who have had abortions are at higher risk of anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

The article also refers readers to an annotated list of some studies relevant to mental health and abortion.

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