Obama’s misleading new ad on Born Alive Infant Protection Act

It is hard to know where to start with this one.

Ben Smith at Politico posted this new ad from Barack Obama blasting McCain for another ad by Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor.

First, the Jessen ad is not John McCain’s ad. Second, McCain does support the availability of abortion in cases of rape and incest (Sarah Palin does not). And third, Barack Obama voted against legal recognition to infants of quesionable viability while an Illinois state senator. Obama has yet to clarify his conflicting statements about why he said he would vote for the federal version of the BAIPA but did not vote for it at the state level.

I recently had an op-ed published in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin on this topic: When does a baby get human rights?

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  • mary

    Obama has proven to be a consistent re-teller of his ideas and they are morphing too much for me to trust. His abortion belief is just too far left for me and he does not get my vote.

    McCain’s loss of home count is too far beyond the normal experience and he does not get my vote.