Is there a question about this vote, really?

Look here:

mn ballot

And then read this article.

It could take awhile to get through the recount if that kind of vote is challenged.

UPDATE: Coleman now leads by only 174 votes as the recount winds up day 2.

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  • Mary

    No Warren, only those with OCD who first circle inside the circle and then completely fill it in wihtout any white showing are allowed to have their vote count.

    Geez!!! We have become a nation of morons. This is an obvious vote for Norm!

  • Warren

    @Mary: Al Franken then is Moron in Chief.

  • Mary

    When’s Will Rogers running???

    I thought Frankin was just a humorist. We are out of control.

  • Norm!

    Actually, it does look like a cross-out vote to me, but I’m bias toward Franken. I can certainly see how folk from both parties could argue. I don’t think the vote should counted either way.

    It’s amazing how some voters have apparently never taken a fill-in the bubble test in school or college.

  • Mary

    It looks like a check that was scribbled over to try and fill in the circle to me.

  • Marty

    We’d need to see how the other votes were marked, to interpret this as anything but a vote for Coleman.

  • Eddy


    Franken wears many hats. He had a bestseller a few years back, “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot” that, simply by its title, lets you know that he sometimes manages to combine humor with his political views. Of late, though, he has primarily been a political commentator.

    I loved him as “Stuart Smalley”…that quirky, strange, self-affirming character on SNL. I appreciate much of his political commentary. But, he’s a bit too ‘out there’, in my opinion, for the role of Senator.

    The Senate race here was uglier than most I can remember. Norm didn’t come out looking very good in my book either…and Barkley didn’t stand a chance.

    The ballot picture made me laugh. I process and quality check claims. We are a 3rd party administrator with no vested stake in who gets awarded how much. The claim forms do NOT have trick questions….and yet, people find the strangest ways to answer. “Were they filling this in or crossing it out?”. Logic would tell me that a sincere cross out would have two strike throughs in the shape of an X but I’ve learned that oh so many people aren’t under the influence of logic.

    But, in this case, no mark whatsoever appears in the other bubbles. I say it’s a vote for Coleman. (I’m trying to ignore this whole mess; thankfully it hasn’t become major table talk at work.)

  • Mary

    I know. I was making a bad joke.