Ugandan pastor uses Richard Cohen as authority on homosexuality research

Richard Cohen’s book Coming Out Straight was used as a reference to refute scientific research on causes of same-sex attraction in a March 15 workshop led by Stephen Langa of the Family Life Network. Exgaywatch is the only place that has moving pictures from the Uganda meetings. Here is exclusive video of the reference to Cohen:

The Ugandan audience is very badly served by this reference. Cohen’s book was published in 2000 with a 2nd edition in 2007. The 2007 edition is not really an update and does not deal with any new research save for a brief mention of Robert Spitzer’s study of change. Numerous studies have been published since then which are far superior to the three studies Cohen claims to debunk in his book (Levay, Bailey & Pillard & Hamer). The science is miles upstream in 2009 and yet here is a minister of the Gospel misleading his audience with the help of Richard Cohen.

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  • Lynn David

    I have this sneaking hunch that Lively might like Cohen. When the uproar over Lively in Latvia (or was another of the Balkan states?) and Belarus plus the Watchmen, I went looking for some items concerning homosexuality and eastern Europe. I found some translations of works by Cohen, one that I remember was into Polish. That put it in my mind that Lively and Cohen might have a connection. But it’s as flimsy as the guy who read books on “Red October.” But then look where that got him….