Situation worsens in Uganda

Yesterday, a prominent Catholic priest, Anthony Musaala fought off allegations he is gay.

Today the same news service, New Vision reports the following:

MPs want gay group’s activities regulated

Thursday, 2nd April, 2009

MPs want government to regulate the activities of homosexuals who have come out publicly to defend their rights.

Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala says Government should not allow homosexuals to hold press conferences to iron out their issues because the vice is illegal.

However, Government Chief Whip Daudi Migereko says there are No laws that prohibit homosexuals from holding press conferences.

Migereko says that the ministry of Internal affairs will track homosexuals and take action against them.

UPDATE: Perhaps in China to learn more about oppressing people for their beliefs, Ugandan official Buturo said his government is planning more laws, especially one which would criminalize the promotion of homosexuality.

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  • Mary

    How does Scott Lively respond to this? Does anyone know? Is he aware of the danger that an accusation can cause a person? An accusation?? Is he aware of the effects his kind of social programming can have on an innocent individual?

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  • Lynn David