Another suicide related to bullying?

At least that is what the family and friends of Jaheem Herrera are saying. The story does not mention the anti-gay nature of the harassment but the mother says it in the interview. Sounds like there were multiple issues involved as well. I don’t know all the circumstances but an investigation needs to be conducted.

This is very sad.

What if Focus on the Family and Exodus partnered with GLSEN and PFLAG to issue a joint statement and/or campaign to teach kids that bullying for any reason is immoral? What if the Christian groups made a concerted effort to reach out to youth group leaders with the message that calling kids gay, etc. is harmful?

Can I get a witness?

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  • Ann

    Can I get a witness?

    Yes – Amen!

    Remember the song “Blowing in the Wind” by Peter, Paul and Mary? It asks some similar quesitons and has a similar theme to your post.

  • Mary

    The response was not adequate???

    IN a criminal sense that would be aiding and abetting by not interferring when the problem was brought to their attention.

  • It is high time we left fear at the door – fear of being misunderstood, fear of being accused of capitulating to the “gay agenda” – and speak out and stand up on these basic issues of justice. It hits at the heart of the gospel – and there ought to be no hesitation whatsoever.

    Good work on these issues the last few weeks particularly Warren.

  • Jayhuck

    If Focus on the Family and Exodus did that that would be wonderful!!!!

  • Lynn David

    Like that’s ever going to happen…. Many of the so-called “family” organizations cannot help but shade the truth or worse about homosexuality, what makes you think they even consider joining with GLSEN.