Leadership University removes “Homosexuality and the Nazi Party” article

Leadership University is a ministry affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ and exists as a “faculty outreach and training arm” of CCC. Until recently, LeaderU had Scott Lively’s article Homosexuality and the Nazi Party available to readers (Scroll down and you can see the link here). Now if you click that link (http://www.leaderu.com/jhs/lively.html) you will not find the article.

This is the same article that Exodus International linked to but then removed in light of the Uganda ex-gay conference. Although Mr. Lively is an avid supporter of NARTH, that organization recently removed references to his work from their website.

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  • Lynn David

    So what’s so different over there at LeaderU after all this time that they should repudiated Lively now?

  • Lynn David

    Dwat, that Email bwox!

  • Mary


  • David Blakeslee

    Center for Values at Grove City College is having its effect….

    Interacting among professional scholars to correct great distortions of science. Liberty University is vulnerable to such tripe because Christian Universities have not exported their intelligence effectively until recently.

    Thanks Warren and Thank Grove City College Too!

  • http://theformers.wordpress.com Debbie Thurman

    David, are you aware of any such problem arising at Liberty University?

  • Michael Bussee

    See? Both EXODUS and NARTH can remove links to hatemongers and wackos if they really want to — or are pressured into doing it.

    EXODUS deleted Cameron and Lively. NARTH distanced themselves from Lively. Now, if we could only get David Pruden at NARTH to do the same with Cameron — but he’s not interested.

  • FioreK

    There are many more articles on the LeaderU website that could use some attention as well. However, it is really a positive to see this step.

  • Reed

    AS of today’s date (October 22, 2011) the “Homosexuality and the Nazi Party” article reference has been removed entirely.