Reparative theory: Only one way?

What he said 🙂

Trinidad.Adventist.Gay?! is doing a couple of posts on reparative drive theory with a focus on “why this idea is so seductive for conservative Christians…”

He is certainly correct about groupthink on the matter.

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  • Thanks so much for the link Dr. Throckmorton. I hope your voice of reason and moderation isn’t drowned-out!

  • Mary

    Group think conditions also exist in the gay community.

  • Jenn

    Question for Warren –

    If a client came to you for SIT (sexual identity therapy) because they were uncertain of their attractions….would they ever find resolution in a “gay or lesbian” identity under your care?

  • Jenn – That is not a hypothetical…(click to listen)

  • Jenn

    Warren –

    Cheers! I’m glad to hear that you can/did counsel someone who resolved to live a gay identity, and that you helped her to achieve self-acceptance around this.

  • Jenn – I have taken a lot of heat for this from some religious conservatives. However, if client self-determination means anything, it has to be real not just rhetoric.