More on Ginsburg and unwanted populations

Ginsburg article wrap up regarding those “populations we don’t want to have too many of.”

World Magazine – Paul Kengor and I team up to discuss Ginsburg’s awareness of minority concerns regarding abortion and population control since at least the early 1970s.

Crosswalk – I take a little trip back to the 1970s and discuss the “population explosion.” Remember that? I grew up in Southern Ohio and remember thinking that we could get a lot more people in our neck of the woods. Also, there is a prophetic quote about health care from Richard Nixon in this piece.

Michael Gerson – Eugenics? Possibly; elitist and/or insensitive may better describe Ginsburg’s remarks.

Jonah Goldberg – Explores the question of eugenics.

Kurt Nimmo at Prison Planet has been all over this story and posts a You Tube video of PA’s Rep. Joe Pitts raising Ginsburg’s comments on the House floor. He also notes the connection of the Rockefeller family to modern eugenics.

On flip side, Andrew Sullivan takes Gerson to task for his contextual criticism. However, Sullivan provides no substantial exploration of Ginsburg’s remarks.

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