CBN reports on APA report

The Christian Broadcasting Network reports this morning on the APA task force findings.

UPDATE: The video now does not reflect the news report linked above.

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  • ewe

    ewe has been restricted from posting comments due to violation of commenting guidelines.

  • AM

    I’ve been interested in hearing Warren’s comment on this one: maybe, he is ignoring it for the time being.

    The name “ewe” is a bit unique, so I am wondering if this is the same poster as comments on Karen Keene’s blog, Pursuing God. If it is, I am a bit surprised at the tone of the post itself (especially choice of expressions). I’ve not known she/he to post in this fashion on the other site and Karen is very strongly opionated on her stance. More so than Warren IMO.

  • Warren

    AM – I have been mega busy and have been meaning to address this. I plan to ban ewe since this is not the first time he/she has violated commenting guidelines.