Uganda’s Red Pepper keeps up the pressure

The Uganda Daily Red Pepper keeps to their high tabloidal standards of tabloidness with these “revelations.”


Click the images to see them in a larger format.

h/t: A reader from Uganda…

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  • Lynn David

    God is a gay Kampala tycoon?

    They would try to smear Sylvia Tamale after her article on the efficacy of the Bahati Bill.

    And Red Pepper used an ex-gay (Kagaba) to support everything they said.

    “From December 22nd to January 1st, there is always a retreat at… in Gayaza and this is when people show their financial might,” Kagaba revealed.

    I wonder what they cut out of that sentence.

    The solar panel advertisement was more interesting…..

  • Lynn David

    Odd that they only have come up with one foreign organization, and yet name all sorts of local, homegrown groups.

  • Michael Busee

    I’m confused. Do the “lavishly facilitated homos” get free solar panels? I just got a lousy toaster oven when I was recruited.

  • Lynn David

    WHAT!?!? You got a toaster oven when you were recruited? I thought they didn’t handed those out to recruits, just the recruiters. Maybe it was because you and your partner recruited each other. A lesbian got a toaster for recruiting me…. now that’s what I call queer!

  • Michael Busee

    Maybe they goofed. If I give it back, does that mean I am no longer gay?

  • Lynn David

    I doubt it…. I’ve never gotten one and I’m still gay.

  • gayuganda

    Ha ha ha ha!

    That is the spirit!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Eddy

    Okay…it’s hard to read even after magnifying…so I could scarcely believe that this is what I actually read. Talk about your cross cultural differences:

    There is a city businessman on Nazzer Road known in the gay fraternity as one with a huge whopper that has terrorized several youths’ bums.

    Of course the ‘city businessman’ is nameless. Apparently Uganda has a ‘gay fraternity’; I imagine it parallels our ‘gay community’. (I wonder if there’s a separate ‘lesbian sorority’ or if the gay men have graciously allowed the women into their fraternity.)

    Granted, you don’t hear that many direct references to the size of a man’s ‘assets’ so I’m intrigued at how they became aware of the man’s ‘huge whopper’. It is rather disturbing that he’s going around ‘terrorizing’ youths’ bums with it. (Try as I might, I just can’t seem to conjure up a picture of a ‘terrorized bum’ that isn’t a wino hovering near a 55-gallon drum.)

  • Michael Bussee

    I also can’t help but wondering how the paper knows his “whopper” is huge. Have they verified this? Or are they talking about the sandwich?

  • Eddy

    Terrorizing their young bums with a monstrous calorie laden fast food sandwich of American origin would also be reprehensible.

  • Michael Bussee

    Wouldn’t that be considered Western colon-ization?

  • Michael Bussee

    “From December 22nd to January 1st, there is always a retreat at… in Gayaza and this is when people show their financial might,”

    Here, we call that Christmas shopping at the Mall.

  • Eddy

    Well I think that wrecked all my plans for a visual pun…had to go audial with ‘wrecked all’. (It’s never that good if you have to explain it.)

  • Eddy

    Is ‘Gayaza’ a real place? Suddenly I’m thinking it’s a nickname for a predominantly gay shopping plaza or something.

  • Michael Bussee
  • Michael Bussee

    Sounds like there are shops, too. Mighty suspcious.