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PFOX award turns into controversy

Roll the tape and you supply the commentary... … [Read more...]

Bahati gets some encouragement

A group in Uganda called the "Forum for Kings and Cultural Leaders in Uganda" urged the government to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill yesterday. The news released reportedly said:...homosexuality breaks the laws of nature, faith, the Constitution and the laws of culture and traditionsBahati, cheered by the support said:Mr Bahati, in a phone interview yesterday, welcomed efforts of the traditional leaders, saying “because at the end of the day, homosexuality is a danger to the culture that … [Read more...]

Brief Note: DC Mayor apologizes for PFOX commendation

You had to see this coming.Parents and Friends of Ex-gays issued a press release today touting a certificate of appreciation given to Regina Griggs by the Mayor of the District of Columbia for her work as PFOX director. The certification lauded Griggs':dedication, commitment, and outstanding contributions as Executive Director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays.Call me a prophet. When I saw that news, I immediately figured that the Mayor's office would issue a clarification or d … [Read more...]

OneNewsNow distorts Karten sexual orientation change study

Dog bites man. OneNewsNow distorts sexual orientation research.In a great example of why I hope Janet Porter's prayer to take over the media is never realized, OneNewsNow distorts the import of Elan Karten's doctoral dissertation research reported recently in Journal of Men's Studies.Here is the OneNewsNow title:'Orientation' change efforts effective.Here is a statement from Karten and Wade (p. 86):The purpose of the study was not to replicate findings from prior research or … [Read more...]

Sexual Identity Therapy Framework resources

Peter LaBarbera today reprints Laurie Higgins critique of an article by Mark Yarhouse regarding the application of our sexual identity therapy framework (SITF). I am aware he does not mean to promote the framework but his articles have increased my emails about the framework and requests for referrals to therapists who practice in that manner. I refer them to the registry of practitioners who claim to use the SITF at the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity. However, a quick look will c … [Read more...]

Lou Engle issues statement regarding The Call Uganda and Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Call Uganda will proceed as planned but Lou Engle just now released a statement which addresses the controversy over the upcoming assembly in Kampala. About Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Engle says, "...we do not see the character of Christ reflected in some key aspects of the language of the current bill." The statement also addresses issues from the California Prop 8 campaign.TheCall Uganda Press Release: When TheCall was invited to come to Uganda our intent was to join with the l … [Read more...]

The Call removes link to Uganda campaign from website; KC protest planned today?

According to The Call Uganda website, a meeting calling for national repentance is slated for May 2, 2010. However, Sunday night the reference to Uganda disappeared from The Call website (see Google cache for the previous reference). I do not know what the disappearance means. Previous references to plans for The Call Uganda were accidentally released based on incorrect information.Late last week, a coalition of gay advocacy groups expressed hopes that The Call would not come to Uganda with t … [Read more...]

Are you awake yet?

We're here for a great awakening to understand that politics are simply the ideological vessel that God has allowed to be in society today that will determine what happens in the soul of the nation. So we cannot be idle and we cannot be silent.       -Cindy Jacobs, Generals International, Liberty University, April 15Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals International, wants to wake you up. Her ministry sponsored a conference March 4-6 called Convergence: A Cry to Awaken a Nation wh … [Read more...]