Zambia moves against criminalization of homosexuality

An interesting report out of Zambia

FORMER president of Botswana Festus Mogae has urged President Rupiah Banda’s government not to criminalise homosexuality and sex work because that would make the fight against HIV/AIDS difficult.

And President Rupiah Banda said he understood the need not to criminalise homosexuals.

Speaking when he led a group of prominent Africans that include Dr Kenneth Kaunda, former Vice-President of Uganda Dr Speciosa Wandira and former chairperson of Kenya’s National AIDS Control Prof Mirriam Were, who are calling themselves Champions of an HIV-Free Generation, Mogae said there was no need to enact laws that criminilise homosexuals and sex workers.

He explained that the Botswana constitution criminalized homosexuality and sex work but since he left office he had been arguing with the government to repeal the law.

Mogae said over the last three years nobody had been prosecuted for being homosexuals or sex workers in Botswana.

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  • Maazi NCO

    Gayism is already a criminal offence in Zambia. Festus Mogae the former Botswana President is just being funny. When he was president between 1999 and 2008, his government categorically refused to decriminalize gayism despite stiff western pressure. It is highly unlikely that retired General Ian Khama the current President of Botswana will repeal that law. At best, the sodomy law will remain unenforced as it has been since 2003.

  • Maazi NCO


    Festus Mogae was President of Botswana from 1998 (not 1999) to 2008.

  • Interesting set of prominent Africans.

    I know for a fact that Dr Kazibwe (she is a medic) is a friend. Proffessor Were is one of the forces behind the current MSM outreaches in Kenya. If it wasnt for her, they would not be there. [Contrast with Uganda where Prof Apuuli who heads the Uganda AIDS Commission refuses to target gay men for HIV prevention. He fears the gay agenda]

    I didnt know that Former Pres Kaunda would be interested in such an initiative, but, as Festus Mogae shows, sometimes being out of political power makes one able to do things of conscience.

    Kudos to them.

    [Just wonder whether this is the Elders group, which Tutu formed with Mandela. Not sure that it is.]

  • Maazi NCO

    I didnt know that Former Pres Kaunda would be interested in such an initiative….

    Kudos to them.

    This would not be the same retired President Kenneth Kaunda who is pressuring the current Zambian government to impose stiffer penalties on sodomites.