Anti-Homosexuality Bill author barred from Washington DC conference

I reported yesterday that Anti-Homosexuality Bill author David Bahati plans to attend a professional conference in Washington DC next week, Dec. 6-8. After that post, author Michael Jones posted an article and petition targeting the conference organizers – the  International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management.

Then earlier today, this note appeared on the petition:

UPDATE: According to Doug Hadden, the Vice President of Communications for the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management, “David Bahati will not be attending this conference.” Bahati, for his part, is still telling folks, including Warren Throckmorton and author Jeff Sharlet, that he is attending. But that does not appear to be the case, according to conference organizers.

As noted, I talked to Mr. Bahati this morning who assured me that he was planning to attend and that all the arrangements were set. Then, I contacted Doug Hadden who told me, by email, that Mr. Bahati had indeed registered by email, which was an automated process. However, Mr. Hadden added that

Hon. Bahati has not paid and ICGFM will not accept payment from him. The ICGFM Executive Committee has agreed that his attendence is not consistent with the mission of the organization.

Mr. Hadden said that the venue is secure, consequently, “He [Bahati] will not be admitted into the building.”

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  • stephen

    Well good for Mr. Hadden. A welcome demonstration of how this bill will marginalize Uganda.

  • Val Kalende

    Please keep us posted on what happens on Monday. This news sounds too good in my ears i’m starting to be a doubting Thomas who can’t believe without seeing! Honestly it’s beyond my imagination especially that it happened so fast and without giving him any undeserved attention.

  • BobbiCW

    I’m with Val. Please let us know what happens.

  • Richard Willmer

    Good news indeed.

    The message to Kampala is clear (just in case Kampala had not already ‘got it’): ‘let people like Bahati prevail, and we won’t play ball with you’.

  • ken

    Any news on whether Bahati actually entered the US? and if so, attempted to enter the conference?