David Bahati denied entrance to Washington DC conference

Doug Hadden, spokesman for the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management, just informed me that David Bahati, author of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill attempted to enter the financial management conference this morning, saying:

He arrived mid morning and was informed of the decision. It turns out that we didn’t have his proper e-mail address for his phone. There was a frank but calm discussion and Mr. Bahati was not able to enter the building.

Mr. Hadden is referring to the decision to bar Bahati from the ICGFM conference going on now in Washington, DC.

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  • Richard Willmer

    Seems like Bahati is intent on making a fool of himself.

    It will be interesting to see what he gets up to in his new found spare time.

  • Wendy

    Which makes him here illegally. Arrest him and his genocidal buddy Lively.

  • It would have been nice if the Department of Homeland Security, would have done a little extra security reviewing and taken the genocide planner to the airport in chains…or perhaps a all-paid visit to Guantanamo?

  • Wendy

    Concur. Perhaps we will see his apprehension live on The Rachel Maddow Show where he apparently will be appearing tomorrow.

  • Catherine Nantale

    You do not have to be that rude, Americans. if you have divergent views it is ok. if you believe in lesbianism, gay or whatever it is, it should not be imposed on Africans. Please stay with your manners. Leave the Hon. MP alone afterall that was a financila management Conference not a sexual conference, GOD YOU PEOPLE are tooo much

  • Timothy Kincaid

    I very much doubt Bahati’s “wrong number” excuse for “not knowing” that he was barred. It strains credibility.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    GOD YOU PEOPLE are tooo much

    I know, huh?

    I mean all you want to do is kill us so why are we overreacting. To each his own, right?

  • Angela

    I have just recently learned more about this individual. What can I do to stop this inhumane barbaric savage from destroying the lives of thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian men and women? Americans cannot tolerate this hate anymore than we tolerated slavery or the holocaust.

  • Angela

    Catherine Nantale your comments are a disgrace to human life. You DO NOT speak for the entire continent of Africa. You speak for uneducated hateful despicable savages.

  • Maazi NCO

    Catherine Nantale your comments are a disgrace to human life. You DO NOT speak for the entire continent of Africa. You speak for uneducated hateful despicable savages.

    Africans are used to being insulted. We take it on the chin. You can say whatever you like, but in nearly each and every one of our 53 African nations, population majorities of 90% and above are opposed to gayism. So Catherine’s opinion is the mainstream opinion here. If you wish to call us uneducated savages, that is fine. We can call you savages for hounding consenting men and women who engage in polygamy in the name of “bigamy”. When I lived in Europe, I recall hearing or reading several Europeans called Americans “barbarians” for insisting on keeping the death penalty. Did that shift US public opinion on the subject? The answer is “NO”. Will calling us uneducated savages, sway us? The answer is an emphatic “NO”

  • Frank

    Why was this P.O.S. issued a visa?

  • Angela

    Maazi NCO what is gayism? Who are you that you appoint yourself the spokesperson for all Africans? You are not ‘us.’ Speak your own truth, like I did. Africa is a CONTINENT with thousands of cultures. Africans like all other human beings are individuals, each one unique and not bound by your beliefs. Your thinking is reflective of hateful uneducated homophobic savages worldwide. Unfortunately, hate is not limited by invisible geographic boundaries.

  • Richard Willmer


    I’ve another question for you.

    Back in December 2009, you said this: ‘Gays who keep their heads down and do their stuff privately will be left alone’.


    Does this mean that you accept the idea of the decriminalisation of private homosexual acts pursuant to informed consent? If so, why not make that clear to us now?

    (If you do accept decriminalisation of private acts, then you should accept the repeal of Penal Code 140.)